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Oh, Those (Strange) California Laws

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If you life in California, you better watch your dog or cat at all times, especially if you are near a school, church, or tavern. It is illegal for animals to mate in the state within 1,500 feet of a place of worship, tavern, or school. That is only one of many strange laws in the state of California.

If you are driving in your car, feel free to shoot at a whale, but you better not shoot at any other kind of animal. It is illegal to shoot any animal from a moving vehicle, unless one is shooting at a whale.

Make sure if your car is going at least 60 miles per hour that it has a driver. It is illegal for a vehicle that has no driver to exceed that speed.

Another strange law in California is that no woman may drive in the state, if she wears a house coat.

Maybe this isn’t a strange California law at all. After all, the state is known as the “Sunshine State.” Maybe that is why sunshine is promised to the masses.

It is illegal to own sloths, snails, or elephants as pets. Would you really want to own a sloth anyway?

If you think the state of California has some strange laws, certain areas of the state have their own strange laws.

In Burlingame, you cannot spit, unless you are spitting on a baseball diamond.

In Baldwin Park, make certain you never ride a bicycle in a swimming pool. You will be breaking the law if you do.

Maybe this one is just a typographical error, but a city council order in Belvedere states that: “No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash.”

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In Chico, if you detonate a bomb, or any kind of nuclear device, you can be fined $500, if you’re still alive afterward. You also are not allowed to own a green or smelly animal hide in the town. Still another strange law in Chico is that you are not allowed to bowl on the sidewalk. Who would want to set the pins up anyway? You also are forbidden in Chico from driving a herd of cattle down the street.

If you live in Pacific Grove, you better never molest butterflies. That is if you want to be a law abiding citizen.

If you see a peacock crossing in front of your car in Arcadia, make sure you yield. Peacocks have the right of way there, according to a city law.

In Blythe, make sure you don’t wear your cowboy boots unless you have two cows, or else you will be in violation of a city law.

In Carmel, you better go inside or sit down outside when eating your ice cream. It’s against the law to stand on the sidewalk while eating ice cream. Also in Carmel, women are not allowed to wear high heels withing the city limits.

In Cathedral City, don’t sleep in a parked car.

There are many other strange laws in California, either state laws or local ones, but some of the strangest are listed here.

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