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NetSpend Prepaid Visa Review

The NetSpend Prepaid Visa card is a popular way to do things such as deposit your paycheck directly to a card, or simply reload money onto a card to send to another business or friend. NetSpend is particularly popular among the stunningly higher number of 84 million American citizens who do not have a traiditional bank account. These citizens obviously still need a way to move money and receive money in the form of a direct deposit, since many employers use direct deposits as the preferred or only method of payment. The NetSpend card still targets this population, but it has also branched out and become a popular gift idea for teenagers and young adults as those who don’t know what to buy them want them to have the freedom to spend how they wish and reload the card when they are able to.

NetSpend Prepaid Visa Review:

Ease of Acquiring Card: Acquriring a NetSpend Card is extremely easy. The company now has over 30,000 locations where one can purchase a NetSpend card for the first time, which means you are likely to have one near you. If you would prefer though, NetSpend will also mail you your initial prepaid debit card and you don’t even have to leave your home.

Fees Associated with NetSpend: The fees associated with NetSpend are fairly steep, and some of them are quite questionable. This is the single worst part of the NetSpend card in my opinion. For example, if a customer wants to call and check their account balance on their card they are charged 50 cents, just for checking the balance. The company says you are able to check online for free, but still there are many who use this card who probably don’t have the Internet, and those fees are pretty bad. When sending money the fees associated with NetSpend are typical, but they can add up over time.

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Customer Service: Customer service at NetSpend has always been a pretty strong point. If you need to speak to a representative with a question it generally doesn’t take long at all to wait, and they are always pretty helpful.

Ease of use of the card: The card is extremely easy to use, which is probably its biggest plus. It can be used virtually anywhere, and it is very quick and easy to use. The card can be reloaded and the maximum daily load amounts are pretty high, which allows for larger money transactions if you are caught in a tough spot or the bank is closed later in the evening.

Overall: The NetSpend Prepaid debit/credit card is a very good idea and one that many people should use, but I advise everyone to not let the little fees eat them up. NetSpend is simple to use and acquire, but the fees are certainly a little above what they should be.