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Neck Pain, Looking for Possible Solutions

Sometimes, I hate my neck. It is a real pain. By pain, I actually mean pain. I suffer from headaches and for some reason sometimes when these headaches begin, I have pain in my neck. It is a tight, aching pain. What helps it? For me, not a lot of things.

Ice sometimes help. The best remedy is my husband’s hands. He gives great massages.

What causes this pain? Some say it is inflammation. Some say it is stress. Some people have even told me that it could arthritis. Arthritis in my thirties? Yes, I know it is possible.

Wanting more answers, I did a web search. I was astounded by some of the things that I read.

I really liked one article on noninvasive techniques for dealing with the pain? Noninvasive, what could that mean? In this article, in had a lot to do with imagery, with using your imagination.

It said to imagine your head was a balloon. You are suppose to inhale, imagining your head as the shape of the balloon. Then as you exhale, you were suppose to make a hissing sound like a balloon would make, I suppose when it looses air. Then you are suppose to imagine the balloon floating away and thus your pain. Guess what happened? It didn’t help.

Then I read where there was a link between pain in the one’s head and in one’s neck. This sounded promising. This article talked about how poor posture could be part of one’s problem. Then it promised to described some gentle exercises to try. Hmmm, exercising means stretching, this may help.

The exercising tips in this article started having one bending their knees. Then it went on to say to stretch out one’s shoulders and finally doing some neck stretches. The stretches did loosen up my neck some.

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The next article discussed an idea of tension neck syndrome. Hmm, this sounded a bit scary. I never liked words like syndrome.

It said this syndrome could be caused by staying in one position too long, feeling tired, stress, and headaches. Computer work was on the top of the lists of reasons why people could have this syndrome. (Lucky me) It even said one could have muscle spasms and tender spots in the neck. But it wasn’t much of an article.

Wanting to know more, I tried to investigate this tension neck syndrome more.

I found another article that described many different types of work related injuries and illnesses. It said that soft tissue swelling could occur with tension neck syndrome. It also said it could be caused from repetitive movement, overuse of the neck muscles and poor posture. Some of the symptoms could include tenderness, soreness, swelling, etc. I also read that some doctors believe that this syndrome could also be related to another syndrome, fibrositis.

That article recommended using heat, such as a heating pad, fitness training, better posture habits and doing more stretching type exercising.

As for me, none of the articles really helped and neither have doctors. I have tried heat. It doesn’t help. Doctors have given me pain pills, which I don’t like to take regularly. They also have given me muscle relaxers. Problem with those were that every muscle in my body relaxes.

What does help tension and pain in the neck for me? Applying cold compresses. Some muscle rubs (watch for allergic reactions). Stretching. Hot showers. Most of all, my husband’s fingers.

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I did my research, but I guess I will still be begging hubby for those massages.