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My Son is Allergic to Chocolate

There are lots of things in this world that children and adults can be allergic to. One thing I never really thought of until my son came along was chocolate. Especially since this is my favorite sweet treat along with the rest of my family. All of my desserts had some form of chocolate in them and I even make homemade chocolate. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out my youngest is allergic to chocolate. If he eats a small amount it makes him really sick for the next few days. So in turn, my son is allergic to chocolate and its something that is hard to deal with. After we finally figured out it was chocolate that he was allergic to, we found the source. My mother in law is also allergic to chocolate although it’s not to the extent of my son. She can handle a piece or two but that’s about it. My son cannot even handle a small piece.


It’s hard when the holidays come around. People forget about him being allergic to chocolate during family gatherings. Grandparents whom don’t see him all the time want to feed him full of chocolate and other family members only bring chocolate for dessert. I have to watch what everyone is doing at all times and keep reminding everyone that he is actually allergic to chocolate. He is almost four years old now and since we have been dealing with this since he has been a baby it is getting easier when it comes to family time as most remember now, it’s still something I have to watch for. My son knows he is allergic to chocolate and knows that he can’t have it, so he now tells people. But if it’s something that doesn’t look like chocolate (the hidden chocolate as I call it) then he thinks its fair game. So everyone has to make sure to keep any hidden chocolate out of reach.

Halloween is another holiday that can be pretty hard. I like taking my kids to different things on Halloween, places like the YMCA, shopping stores etc. All these places usually have special hunts for kids a week before Halloween. Just about every single place we go to gives all chocolate away. I don’t know why, but it’s what they always seem to have.

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Last year we went to an event at Meijer shopping store. The kids dressed up in their costumes and they followed these arrows around the store. The went down every isle of the store. At the end of the isle there was a worker dressed up who passed out candy. We stopped at 10 different booths during that path. Every single one of them had all chocolate. I have two other kids as well and neither of them is allergic. So my son got to watch his sisters get all this candy and he didn’t get a single piece. At the end of the trail there was a booth set u with a few different workers there. The kids got to decorate their own cupcakes. Guess what kind they were? If you guess chocolate you were correct. The cupcakes and the frosting along with the dang sprinkles were all chocolate. I couldn’t believe it. So my daughters went and made their cupcakes and I asked one of the workers if they had anything else. My son was just about in tears at this point. He didn’t get why he couldn’t have anything and his sister got to have everything.

One of the workers there felt so bad for him, she said I have never herd of children being allergic to chocolate. I said I know this is something that’s hard to get use to. She told us to hang on a minute and went to the manager and told him what was going on. So my daughters are sitting here eating their cupcakes they got to make, my son is pretty upset and we are waiting. To my surprise the manager came out with a few different kinds of suckers and a white cupcake. While my son didn’t get to make his own cupcake, he didn’t care as long as he had one.

This manager went to the bulk bins and gathered up a few treats for my son and then went to the bakery and had them give him a vanilla cupcake LOADED with frosting. None of the other workers bothered with it, they had chocolate and it wasn’t their faulty my son couldn’t have it. This manager made my son so happy; you should have seen his eyes. This event turned out nice, but most of the time they don’t turn out that way. We just get told “I’m sorry that’s all we have”. Not that I expect everyone to make changes for him, it’s just hard on us. I don’t see why places can’t have a little bit of different things just in case. I have learned on holidays to keep special candy in my car and in my purse so he can have things as well. It’s not fair to make his sisters pass up chocolate when they are not allergic to it, and it’s not fair that my son gets nothing. So we have learned how to adjust to this situation.

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Home life

Home life has proven to become just as difficult. As I have said before, everyone else loves chocolate. Most of the desserts I make are chocolate because that is what we all like to have. So I have learned a few tricks now to please everyone. I made up a big batch up plan basic butter cookie dough. I keep this frozen in the freezer. I typically make a dessert once a week around here. While I have learned how to make different things that don’t involve chocolate, we still like our chocolate so there are times when I make desserts that have chocolate in them.

When I make something that has chocolate in them, I break off a small amount of the cookie dough and make him cookies. I will sometimes fill them with jam and make jam cookies or I will add frosting to them for a sweet cookie. I change up what I do with them, but they are always just for him. He doesn’t care anymore as long as he has a special dessert as well. They break and bake cookies have become a precious jewel in my home as well. Although unless it’s around a holiday 90% of them have some form of chocolate in them. They do always have oatmeal raisin, but after a while that gets old.

Birthdays are the ones that can become hard. For each of the kids on their birthday we have a tradition. The birthday kid gets to help me make their cake and then they help decorate the cake. I always let the kids choose their own type of cake and frosting. Well they always picked chocolate. We have come up with a solution to this problem. I let them pick their own cake mix as long as it’s not chocolate, which they are fine with. Then they can pick out chocolate frosting. I also have a can of vanilla on hand at all times. We make the cake and frost 75% of it with the chocolate and the rest we do in vanilla. This pleases each of the kids. My son even does this when he picks out his own cake. He says get chocolate for my sisters. So we end up doing the same thing with his cake as well.

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These are just some of the every day things we have to deal with since my son is allergic to chocolate. This year my son will be starting school, which seems really scary to me. I will of course inform the school of his allergies, but chocolate is just a hard one to keep away. Kids bring it in to school for holidays such as parties and birthdays. I know my son is going to come home upset a lot during his first few years at school, because it’s likely he will get left out of a lot of things. If kids bring in cupcakes for their birthdays, chances are they will be chocolate and he wont get to eat any even though every single other kid is having a cupcake. I can’t expect a parent to make a special one just for him and I don’t expect that. So these are some of the threats we have to deal with when you have a child who is allergic to chocolate.