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Mule Shoes: Always in Style

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Mule shoes, whether they are traditional flats, or high heels, never seem to go out of style. Mule shoes are shoes that have a closed toe with an open heel, making them easy to slip on without having to worry about fussing over laces or clasps. Best of all, they come in a variety of styles so they can be worn for day time, night time, or just lounging around the house. Owning at least one pair of all-purpose mules, whether they are leather or fabric, can be an asset to any woman’s wardrobe.

A few personal picks for this fashionable style of shoe are:

The Bijou leather mules are available in tea green, black, red, brown, white, and navy. These come in plus size with a medium width. Each pair has a half inch high heel with a buckle across the front. These mules are comfortable and look great with any pants suit or dress. Bilou can be purchased through Jessica London.com for $29.99.

Al Sundus carries low-heeled mules in pretty colors for just about any occasion and can be worn with casual or dressy clothes. These are exceptionally attractive when worn with a full length evening dress. Their mules are embroidered with beads and come in the following colors: peach, pink, lilac, white, brown, and black. Each pair costs $12.99.

Like Al Sundus, Al Hannah also carries mules in the Middle Eastern style but different colors. Color choices are: maroon, turquoise, gold, brown, fuschia, tangerine, apple green, seafoam, and pink. Each low heeled pair costs $21.99.

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The St. John’s Bay “Celia” mule is made of genuine leather in a moccasin style that looks great when worn with a pair of jeans. These shoes have a buckle in the front, stitching around the sides, a one inch high heel, and synthetic soles. Colors available are: black, brown, and navy. Available through J C Penney, each pair costs $50.00

The name Cole Haan has always been associated with high quality shoes and the Dylan mule design is no exception. These mules have a buckle in the front and are made of genuine leather with low heels. The Dylan style comes in black, brown, red, or silver and can be purchased for $103.25 through Zappos.com.

Stiletto heel mules are always great with any evening dress. The Flair 402-3 clear heeled shoes in silver with rhinestones has two bands, one across the foot near the ankle, and the second one, across the toe. These visually stunning shoes cost $37.15 through Amazon.com.