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Move Over Barbie, Muslim Barbie is the Hot New Toy

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The Muslim equivalent of the Barbie doll is the best-selling girl’s toy in the Arab world, elbowing out Barbie. The “Muslim Barbie” is also the must-have toy for the holiday season this year in the Arab world. Her popularity has gained since she was first introduced in November 2003 by NewBoy Design Studio in Syria.

Little girls in the Arab world or of Muslim descent have a number of different modest and modestly dressed dolls, popularly called “Muslim Barbies,” from which to choose.

This is not a Barbie doll made by Mattel, as some people think.

Muslim Barbie Salma

Salma is the latest “Muslim Barbie” to hit the toy store shelves. It is even called “Salma Muslim Barbie” on the company’s web site.

Salma, like the Mattel doll, comes with a number of different costumes for different occasions. Dating is not one of them. Instead, this Muslim Barbie comes with Salma comes with conservative clothing including a cloak and prayer dress. All of her clothing has long sleeves.

Salma was created by businesswoman Sukmawati Suryaman.

Muslim Barbie Fulla

Fulla is proportional to Barbie in shape in size, but you still won’t see her parading around in a string bikini. Fulla comes complete with a prayer rug, and is wearing a hijab, the traditional Islamic head covering worn my women.

The Fulla doll is not like Barbie, with blue eyes and blond hair. Instead this “Muslim Barbie” has long dark hair and dark eyes.

Razanne: The Muslim Barbie

In addition to Fulla, girls in the Arab world could also pick from the line of Razanne dolls. The Razanne doll comes in different skin tone options, ” Blonde, Brown or Black Hair, Fair, Olive or Black Complexion,” according to the makers.

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