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Most Annoying Classroom Distractions: The Worst Behaviors From Grade School to College

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Classroom distractions can cause a lot of havoc among those involved. Some of these distractions are minor, but there are others that seriously interfere with the lives of other students. Certain classroom distractions can have a significant effect on the quality of education that students receive. When this happens, it is up to the annoyed student to make efforts to stop these behaviors. Still, all students must understand that they have individual responsibilities to reduce the amount of annoying classroom distractions for their benefit as well as the wellbeing of other classmates. Here are 5 of the most annoying classroom distractions that can be changed to create a better future and healthy academic environment for all students:

Constantly Borrowing School Supplies
This annoying classroom distraction gives the impression that education is not a top priority. While it is not unusual to borrow an ink pen, pencil or piece of paper every now and then, this should not become a frequent exchange between classmates in school. Students who constantly borrow school supplies from their classmates are being inconsiderate of their fellow student’s education and not placing enough value on their own learning process. As a student in grade school, high school or college, it is your responsibility to come to class prepared with the necessary tools to help you get a better education. Constantly borrowing school supplies becomes aggravating after some time when students feel that they have to provide for their classmates.

Repeatedly asking for briefs on the lesson
There are tons of students who arrive late to class and others who skip them altogether. It is understandable that these particular classmates will need to be updated on the latest lessons, homework assignments and reading materials. However, it is not every student’s responsibility to do this all of the time. The same principle applies to classmates who come to class but do not pay attention to lectures or presentation made by classroom teachers. Asking for a quick rundown of the last textbook assignment is not too bad. However, if you expect a classmate to repeat what your teacher said verbatim and want detailed notes to copy, this becomes a very annoying classroom distraction.

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Asking for answers to School Tests and Assignments
Some students ask their classmates for answers to everyday assignments. Even if those assignments are not tests, this behavior is cheating in a way. The need to ask classmates for answers indicates that the dependent student should pay more attention in the classroom. Doing so would help to eliminate the need to seek answers from classmates. This is one of the most annoying classroom distractions that can eventually hinder students from learning. Those who constantly depend on answers from their classmates lack knowledge of their own.

Irrelevant Conversations during Class
In many schools, there is a general rule where students are not allowed to talk among each other during class. However, discussing relevant topics that pertain to a classroom lesson is usually acceptable. Students who bypass the non-talking rule and start unimportant conversations with other classmates are very annoying. Since conversations are interactive, this type of classroom distraction gets the other classmate involved to the point that he or she is completely detached from her education. This is very annoying and disrespectful to both the teacher and the classmate who is being lured into a conversation unrelated to the classroom subject.