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Military Move? – Tips on Making a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Easier

One of the things you hear alot in the military world is the word PCS. PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station, which basically means that you’re about to get moved by the army. The word strikes fear in alot of peoples hearts, but it doesn’t have to be that bad. With a little planning, and organization, a PCS move can run smoothly.

Start early. As soon as you get those orders in hand that you are indeed being moved, start you’re planning. Reserve any U-hauls or trucks you may be taking. start calling the transportation office that will be moving you’re household goods, if you’ll be doing them.

Get rid of things. Seriously, start going through everything, bit by bit, and decide whether you really want it or not. Most people have so much more than they even realize, until they have to move it. Donate stuff. Have a yard sale. Give stuff to your neighbors. In the end, it will help not to have so many items to pack. You’ll find out you didn’t even need them. But its best to start early, that way you can be thorough. and while you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to pack up some things that you won’t need anyway. It’s May and you’re moving in July? Pack up the winter clothes now.

Start stocking up on boxes, paper or bubble wrap, wrapping tape, and anything else you’ll need to pack with. If you’re letting the military move you, it won’t matter as much because the movers will do it for you. But if you’re doing the moving yourself, you’ll need lots of stuff to pack everything in, and you may as well get an early start. Also start buying garbage bags, lots on them, and cleaning supplies. You’ll need them.

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If the army is moving you, call the transportation office as early as possible to set up a date.The moving companies are usually swamped and you’ll want to get your day written in as soon as possible. Same goes for any hotels you may be staying at when you leave, and when you arrive at your next duty station.

Got kids? Start recruiting babysitters NOW. Once moving day(s) come, any young kids are going to be extremely difficult to watch. Especially with the movers sometimes coming in teams and leaving doors open. Offer to babysit someone elses kids for free now, so they’ll return the favor later.

Paperwork. You all know how much the army loves paperwork, and moving is no exception. Get everything in writing, dates, your spouses orders, everything the movers may do for you. Keep a calendar with all important dates and times

Take pictures of expensive items. If the army is moving you, you won’t get the moving company you may want. So, you never actually know WHO you’re gonna get, therefore take pictures of all expensive and valuable items in case they get damaged in the move. That way, there is extra proof of you actually having those items.

Feed the movers. Keep them happy with coffee in the morning, soda and water in the afternoons. Get pizza’s and donuts. Satisfy them with food, and they’ll probably be easier on your items.

Above all, look at the experience with happiness. You’re going to a new place, with new adventures and people!