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Measuring Cups to Help Your Kids Count

While you might be teaching your kids the fun of counting and what all the numbers mean you might overlook a very easy way to teach your kids to count or why counting and numbers are important. I know that I found that my kids love to count, but they frequently ask me why counting is important other than for school. Well I did find a reason to help them learn why counting and numbers are important which helped them learn counting easily.

While most people will have at least one measuring cup inside the kitchen I know that in mine I have more than I can count on both hands. While this might seem like overkill to some people I have a tendency to bake a lot so the extra measuring cups come in handy. Not only that I have now discovered to use my measuring cups as a means to teach my kids to count and learn why counting is important.

Now for this to work your kids have to have a basic concept of numbers and are able to identify most of the basic numbers before you can show them a measuring cup. However, once they get that framework and your kids keep asking to help in the kitchen you can hand them a measuring cup. I know that when I did that at first with fear gripping me because my daughter had my Pyrex measuring cup I didn’t know what to expect. She shocked me though when she started calling out the numbers that were on the side of the measuring cup.

Now she did learn that counting the numbers on the side of the cup meant something because of all the increments that it was marked off in, but she kept asking what they meant. I know that to satisfy her curious nature I would teach her how to use a measuring cup with the counting. So I found a simple recipe that used round numbers so she wouldn’t deal with fractions yet and asked her to find the number on the measuring cup that I needed. Then I would fill the cup to that point. Sometimes she would get the number wrong and I would ask if her if that is the right one, she would then find another one that was proper. She then learned that the measurements if they were done wrong that it would affect the outcome of the food. So that taught her why numbers were important.

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Using measuring cups with your kids can be fun and a learning experience for them and you. I know that at first I was nervous about my daughter having my measuring cups in her hands, but she learned quickly to set them down right away and how to count and the importance of measuring properly with them.