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Maine Kayaking Vacation Trips

Acadia National Park

A kayaking vacation in Maine is a great way to get to explore some of the most beautiful wilderness you will ever come across. Kayaking is the perfect way to get into places that are unaccessible by larger boars. Kayaking down a remote river, under the branches of overhanging trees is a feeling you will never forget. But that is not the only type of kayaking vacation you can experience in Maine. Check out the examples here. Every one of them will give you a different type of kayaking vacation. From a trip of a few hours, to spending days in the wilderness, Maine has a kayaking vacation for just about anyone.

Maine Kayak gives you the choice of two types of kayak trips for your Maine vacation. You can choose from a Maine sea kayaking vacation, either half, full or multi day trips. You vacation trip will take place in places like Muscongus Bay and Johns Bay. Their Lake kayaking vacation packages in Maine are either half or full day and are great for the whole family As a rule, lake kayaking is pretty clam. They also have classes available and they also have classes in whitewater kayaking. They are located at Maine Kayak, Inc. PO Box 674, Unity, Maine, USA , 04988 Toll Free 1.866.Maine Kayak

Coastal Kayak Tours has some interesting trips, from half day on up. You can take a half day trip through Acadia National Park, or pack a picnic lunch and come for a full day trip and visit and island or two in between the paddling. You can just go for a short paddle around, about 2 ½ hours worth either in the morning or at sunset. This is a good one for someone not familiar with kayaking. For those with experience, you can take a solo kayak trip for about 5 hours. There is a special family tour, with a slower pace and children as young as 12 can participate and then there is the big one for those who want an entire kayaking vacation experience, the Multi-day island camping trips, For three days you will be in the wilderness of Maine with no one but your fellow kayakers and maybe a moose or two. Coastal Kayaking Tours Bar Harbor, Maine 800-526-8615

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Maine Island Kayak is another one to consider for your kayaking vacation. They do not have the short trips, except for the introduction to sea kayaking, which gives you a quick tutorial before you set out on a long trip. Their kayak vacations include multi day trips for beginner to intermediate, Delights of Casco Bay and Paddling Towards Ecology. For the more experienced kayaker and those who liek more rugged camping, they have trips to Eastern Penobscot Bay – Stonington to Acadia National Park’s Isle au Haut, the Jonesport Archipelego and the Best of Penobscot Bay. They will also make up a custom trip for you and your group and they have special family trips. They are located at 70 Luther Street, Peaks Island, Maine. 04108 207-766-2373