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Magnetic “Just Married” Car Decorations

Just Married

Who knows what the décor will be on the outside of the “Just Married” car? People have done everything from tie on tin cans to spray on products which are foamy and look like paint. Some of those products, though, have been known to damage a vehicle’s paint job. You won’t do any damage at all to the car, and you’ll create a nice look in just minutes, when you use magnets!

Purchase a pack of small button magnets and you’re on your way to making car decorations that will announce the “Just Married” couple. They’ll love the overall look and you’ll love that you were able to accomplish it in no time.

Cut and create the various decorations at home, and the next day, you’ll be finished with the car in minutes. Cut long streamers and stick each one to the car with a single magnet. With this method you can attach streamers to the sides of the car as well as the back. Make sure the lengths of streamers for the sides of the car aren’t long enough to reach the wheels. You don’t need a magnet to attach the streamers to the antenna; just tie one or more on.

Purchase small, flat, wooden shapes from a craft store and glue a magnet to each one. The wood pieces are really cheap and are available in heart shapes and more. Paint the shapes or purchase the ones which are already painted. Glue a button magnet to the backside and you can simply walk up and stick them to the car. With these shapes you can create themes like sports, pets, beach or other themes on the car.

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With magnetic sheeting you can make signs on the sides or back of the car. Print out “Just Married” and add the magnetic sheeting. Or, cut a large picture, like a beach sunset, from a poster or other source. All you have to do is peel away the backing from the magnet and position the picture or paper on it.

Use the sheeting to make other designs, too. For instance, cut assorted heart shapes – or even flowers, in various colors and prints of paper, then use the magnetic sheeting to stick them to the car. Or, print out assorted pictures of the man and woman – at different stages in their lives – and use them to decorate the car.

Magnets make it really easy to attach all sorts of paper, fabric, streamers, tinsel, flowers and similar things to the “Just Married” car. You won’t have to worry about damaging the paint job and it takes only minutes to undo what you’ve done!