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Long Train Rides


Traveling by train can be scenic and relaxing. However, train rides can also be extremely long, and delays are common. In order to ensure that your train ride is enjoyable, you need to pack the appropriate items.

Amtrak currently allows passengers to have two carry-on bags. For the sake of convenience, make sure that everything you need for the train ride is in one fairly small bag. You can keep this bag either at your feet (there really is a lot of leg room) or in the overhead storage area. Make sure that your tickets and photo idea are easily accessible, as these are required for boarding.

First of all, you should make sure that you dress comfortably. The train may be air conditioned or heated, so dress in layers. Also wear comfortable, practical shoes. Amtrak mandates that passengers wear shoes when walking around the train, and trying to walk in a moving train while wearing stilettos would not be fun.

Make sure that you have packed any prescription and nonprescription medicines that you will need. If you are prone to motion sickness, be sure to bring something for this; train rides can be very bumpy. Also pack some pain relievers. After a night on the train, you may have some sore muscles. Pack a toothbrush and tooth paste, as well as any other toiletries that you will need, too.

You should also bring some form of entertainment. If you plan of sightseeing being your only plan of entertainment, think again. On a long train ride, looking out the window will start to get boring. And even though much of the countryside is beautiful, you will likely pass through some less than picturesque areas. Books and magazines are great options. Cards, electronic games, and the travel edition of any game are great, too. In order to avoid the wrath of your fellow passengers, do not bring games that make a lot of noise. Play games that make a small amount of noise only when nearby passengers are not trying to sleep.

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Speaking of sleep, you should consider bringing a pillow. Amtrak does provide pillows to passengers on overnight train rides, but the pillows are very small and thin. Bringing a medium-sized pillow will increase that quality of your sleep and in probably worth the space it takes. Or, if you really want a good night’s rest, you can pay extra for one of Amtrak’s sleeping

Finally, you should also pack some food. Amtrak trains do include a dining car and a snack car, but the food is on the expensive side. Additionally, you may tire of the selection before your long train ride is over. Pack a variety of non perishable, travel-friendly foods, such as trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruit, meal bars, cookies, and crackers. Some Amtrak
trains have water dispensers with small cups, but bringing your own drinks is still a good idea.

If you have everything that you need, a long train ride can be enjoyable. Just sit back and relax, and try not to think about how much longer you have on the train or how late the train is running.