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Is Inception Possible?

So the recently released movie Inception has a lot of people curious, and a good number spending a lot of dollars at the theaters. It looks cool, and is thought-provoking that you can enter into somebody else’s mind and change things.

At least that’s what he idea of Inception is. The act of going into somebody’s mind and planting an idea.

A lot of people who have seen it will tell you that the movie (Inception) is worth the trip to the theater, Complete with special effects and a good story line it tells about the adventure of a thief who goes into the mind of a subject with an objective. However, a more lingering question would be “is the act of inception itself possible”

It would be one of the most creative and invasive forms of trespassing however if it could be done the intruder could go into the mind of a friend, maybe a neighbor, or a business partner, and subconsciously plant an idea, especially one that gets him or her to do an act that favors the invader. Not a surprise that this piques the curiosity of millions. If this was at all possible you could get your date to change her mind about her choice of restaurant for a Friday night outing, you could probably have a potential employer select you instead of another candidate when you are going for a dream job. How about people getting car dealers to issue deep discounts on cars?

Well without going into the more serious mischief that could be done with the act of Inception these acts mentioned above are a few everyday things that the dastardly doer can achieve.

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For the question “is inception possible? The answer has been touched on by a few bloggers across the Internet, and some experts in psychology.

A recent video from CNN has psychologist Deidre Barret noting that the act of influencing ones dreams, (which is partly what Inception is about) can be possible with a few simple techniques and mental training. In the act of Inception the dreams of the dreamer and target are influenced with the help of a machine and a drug.

While most explanations have only been successful in touching on the practic of influencing ones dreams, you will rarely find a scientific expert that has come forward to claim and acknowledge that successfully practicing the now popular act of Inception is possible.
The news footage below here from multiple sources say its possible.

Although the movie has made popular the thought of influencing ones dreams, it is something that dream experts are still debating.

The debate on the possibility of inception is still floating around. The question on whether it is possible to access someones mind. An article from the website news scientist mentions a device capable of recreating the contents of a subjects mind into visible images. Although this is present day the concept of actually causing a person to take a specific action by subconsciously altering their mind, while very interesting, is still something that everyday science has to show us.

The day that it does become possible do not be surprised if the phenomenon raises major controversy, especially issues about privacy.

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