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I Just Love This Invisible Straps Bra!

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I just happened across this miraculous invisible straps bra in a rushed attempt to grab some last minute underwear. And, it goes so well with tanks, strapless, and spaghetti strap tops! And what makes it even better, is the fact that it has removable, water pouches for that extra ‘lift’ support! I mean this is an unmistakable, universal item for the lady of today; just imagine not having to worry about your bra straps when you may have to change from a casual outfit to a stylish strapless ensemble, or that off-the-shoulder drop neck little number for Happy Hour? See, I told you, it’s one of the greatest inventions thus far for ladies’ intimate apparel!

When I returned to my hotel room and took the items from the bag; I had purchased an outfit as well, and I noticed that the bra straps were plastic. Clear plastic. My first thought was almost a quizzical one because I wasn’t aware of the latest products on the market for intimate apparel. I began to wonder why would they have ‘plastic’ straps, and then , I soon realized how ingenious it was once I had the complete outfit on. See, the top I was wearing had straps; but the straps weren’t as thin as spaghetti, nor were they thick enough to cover a bra strap completely, or should I say securely. (I’m smiling now) J

The plastic material that it’s made of is definitely clingy, so the strap stays in place. So not only do you have the security of knowing that you don’t have your underwear straps showing, you can also enjoy not having to constantly keep reaching adjusting them, for fear of them showing! Just ingenious, I tell you.

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I almost found myself washing it out everyday, because it became my all time favorite, and most useful bra.

I mean, I could wear it with almost any top/blouse or even some of my dresses. I have some shirts that are cut low, or should I say that the shoulders are wide, causing a sneak-peek at the straps. I can even wear the bra beneath tops like these with ease. I have had some of my shirts to even cling to the strap itself…WOW! Now that made me fall in love with it even more! And, then to have that extra lift in my bosom-I was completely satisfied with how my tops were fitting and how my appearance was being projected.

That extra lift makes a lot of your tops look better; I mean, you have these very low-cut blouses, or maybe even a blouse that buttons up where you’re showing a bit of cleavage. This extra lift gives you that look that accentuates a cleavage, or very low-cut blouses or tops.

Wouldn’t you love to have a carefree experience with your intimate apparel? I know a lot of us pay good money for our intimates, and we would love quality for the prices we pay for some items. So, don’t you agree with me, when I say that to have an item that can be utilized in so many forms and fashions, is a must have?

Try one today, your wardrobe will never be the same! Trust me.