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How to Use E-Z Anchors and 5 Reasons They Are Great Home Improvement Tools

As a person getting familiar with the construction part of business, I’m often impressed by little things. I love working with power tools. There is something very manly about working with tools as a whole. It really reminds me of how Tim Allen use to grunt and snort during his home improvement show. Tools are fun to say the least.

However when you don’t have tools what do you do to get the job done. I mean it’s a challenge to mud and tape a wall just to put in a screw that will eventually slip right back out the whole because of the weight of whatever you are hanging or putting up. I hate when all the tools in the world don’t help me solve the problem. I had drills, drill bits and screws galore and had no idea how to use them.

That said one day while working with new foremen my partner brought in from Indiana I notices some drywall that he just drilled right into. He drilled something white in first then drilled a screw right in it. The tools he used so quickly I barely notices what he was doing. Later that day, we went to home depot and he commented:

“Man, I really love those E-Z Ancors” the foreman said

“The what” I replied

“E-Z Ancors” He reiterated

“What’s and Easy Anchor?” I questioned with a puzzled look

“Remember that box we put up the other day on that woman’s wall that had the dry wall screw hole stripped” The foreman asked

“Sure” I replied when honestly the only thing I remember is one minute there was no box. The next he had this nice cool box over her electrical unit to which I thought wow that is cool.

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“Well, I use E-Z Anchors for that and it save time and headache” he insisted.

We went to home depot and picked up a few packs of his beloved E-Z Ancors. He keeps these E-Z Ancors on the truck and sometimes leaves them at job sites just to have them just in case there is an issue. When I got home that day I realized how many ways I too could use these easy anchors and why it worked well as a great tool:

5) E-Z Ancors are great for stripped screw holes: I had a shelf hanging on my wall at the top of the steps. I was hung crooked to begin with. My wife insisted I straighten it out. I unscrewed it and screwed it in maybe within an inch of the original whole. That didn’t work so I repeated the process. Eventually this whole week and the shelf became unbalanced again. I had no idea how to fix it until coming upon these E-Z Ancors. The solution to my problem was simply to drill the easy anchor into the wall and they screw the shelf into the wall into the E-Z Ancor hole. I measured first twice this time. They say measure twice cut once. In this case I measured 3 or 4 times just to be visually sure I had and accurate mark. I also followed it up with one of those balance things for over kill. Hey I have the tools and I love to use them even if I have no idea what they’re called.

4) E-Z Ancors are cheap: At about 5 bucks for a box of 20. It’s a good deal. At $1.50 for a box of 6 is still a good deal. I needed 6 and it’s saved me the 30 or forty dollars it would have cost me to repair the whole in my drywall only to try a redo what I had done before. Not to mention painting the wall. To say the least, E-Z Ancors saved me a bundle. And when you own a home its all about saving money as you improve and maintain your home.

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3) E-Z Ancors are easy to find: Granted, I went to homedepot.com and could not for the life of me find the item online. However, every Home Depot, or Lowes or Wal-Mart had these E-Z Ancors. Quite literally I found these easy to find E-Z Ancors almost anywhere I looked. The name is literally E-Z Ancors. You can ask people in the store if you have no clue where to find them.

2) E-Z Ancors are easy to use: Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you call them E-Z Ancors they should be easy to use. Well these easy anchors are just that easy to use. In fact, you do not need any other tools to use them besides a Philips screw driver (Philips screw driver is the one that isn’t the flat flathead AKA “OOOOO the other screw driver”). I screwed mine in the wall and never once used a drill. I was told you could do that and I wanted to prove it for myself. It worked and I was sold.

1) E-Z Ancors do not damage drywall or wallpaper: I used these E-Z Ancors to screw into both painted drywall and wall papered drywall. I really just wanted to see how they worked on both with and without a drill. In both cases it works. The E-Z Ancors were the perfect solution to problems I had for years with weak walls behind a dry walled wall. I didn’t want to pull down all the wallpaper and have to re-wallpaper it. To say the lease easy anchors help save the day for me. Hope the E-Z Ancors help you too.

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