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How to Start Your Own Internet TV Station for Free

Classic Cartoons, Veoh

When I first started doing videos, I was glad that Youtube and Myspace were there to have an outlet for my “artistic” creations. Then I decided I wanted to branch out and provide twenty-four hour programming to Internet users who get bored with 500 channels of nothing but infomercials. This is where I met Veoh.

Veoh is a company that has the backing and money of Time Warner, Dick Eisner (Disney) and others. In other words, it is not a fly-by-night.

They offer free memberships, unlimited uploading in size and number. This is good since Myspace and Youtube are really designed for the short-film or snippet.

Once you sign up you can make your profile, upload movies, and more. If you go PRO, which is also free, you can schedule what date to put on the movie and when to take it off. The only thing is that you cannot schedule times. But then, if you wanted to be like the other channels that do not give people a choice then I am sure you can find a way to schedule a time.

The benefits of going to Veoh are as follows:

Free Membership, even for Pros.

Unlimited uploads and size in any format

Pro can have personal branding of station

Have multiple choices for looks or you can create your own.

You can make a series or channel(s)

You can charge rental or own fees.

Viewer Choice. You may have one hundred videos in a certain order, but the viewer chooses what they want to watch.Drawbacks:

Larger files take a long time to process. One of mine took over twelve hours just to give me an error message. That is not the norm, but keep in mind that the larger the file the more time it will take.

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Charging for downloads rarely works, people don’t buy.

Would like a scheduler just to rotate the movies.I had done my basic videos, but when I wanted a channel I went to public domain property. Most movies and television before 1960 are open game. With a little research you can have access to hundreds of movies and shows.

Are you ready to get started?

Go to http://www.veoh.com Register as you would normally.

Start uploading your files, if any. You may also obtain files using their url, but they only accept three formats in that way.

Decide if your material is serial type or individual. If it is a serial then you can put all or them on one. Do you have enough for a Channel? If you do then set up a basic channel with the name you want. You know like one of mine is called Random TV. I did that because it had such a variety of content, so it was random.So you have set up “Toast TV” and put in your description. This channel is of videos of people getting burned by their buddies; metaphorically speaking of course.

You make sure that the content can be seen by all viewers by clicking no on the violence, language, and sex questions. If you hit them on your channel few will ever see your channel since it will be given the dreaded 18+. It means even if you put bugs bunny on your channel it will not be seen. So, stay away from that are.

If you decided to go pro, you will have to have a credit or debit card to prove identity. You are not charged any fees for going pro. The main advantage is that you can brand your channel.

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Let’s say you decided you wanted to show classic cartoons that are in public domain. You would find your source (http://www.archive.org) and locate the films you want to add. You would upload normally using their URL. You would then tell the service if all your material was going to that channel. For some of us who have more that one channel that is not an option. Now just wait for their processing to finish and the world will see your videos. You can submit an rss feed of your channel to the standard video casting places.

One of the neat things that Veoh does is it allows you to syndicate your video to Youtube, Myspace, and Google at the same time. That saves a lot of time. They also provide the views on the sites you syndicated to. And Veoh makes it so your videos can be downloaded onto Ipods, so if you have one you can see your own movies. They just started offering “Home Delivery” so that a person can find the movies they want to watch at work or some other computer, and have it sent to their home computer.

The main thing is that unlike the other sites, Veoh lets the user preview the movie online, download it, burn it to DVD, or connect it to the TV using their player. So no one is trapped into sitting at the computer to watch hours of movies. Further, the watcher is in control of what they watch and when.

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You can increase your viewership with the normal marketing techniques, such as, submitting the rss feed, Digging it, and banners. Though, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the built in viewership that Veoh already has. The most effective way to make money is through their advertising stream. Trying to charge for videos is difficult and could cost you a loyal viewer. Take this from someone who learned the hard way.

Veoh has some deep pockets, but they also have some good clients like TV Guide, The Ford Modeling Agency, Billboard, and US.

For getting your feet wet in programming and viewership Veoh is perfect. Further, it saves the expense of getting your own server and paying the costs associated with people viewing it. For the first time channel person, Veoh is the easiest option to start sending your videos over the Internet.