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How to Save Money at AMC Theatres

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Taking your family to the movies can be an expensive proposition unless you know ways to save. AMC Theatres has a variety of discount offers available.

AMC’s Web site gives us some background on the company. AMC Entertainment Inc. has 309 theaters with 4,628 screens. About 99 percent of AMC’s theaters are in the United States and Canada. AMC has locations in 30 states and the District of Columbia and has been in the movie business for more than 85 years. According to its Web site, “We have the No. 1 or 2 market shares in 22 of the top 25 Designated Market Areas (DMAs).” It traces its roots to Edward Durwood, who opened the Durwood Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1920. Its headquarters today are still located in Kansas City.

In the Phoenix, Arizona, area, AMC’s biggest competitor is Harkins Theatres.

AMC Theatre Weekday Escape

AMC offers a great deal for those who can attend an early weekday movie. Rates vary according to where you live, and not all theaters offer the discounts, so you’ll need to check the AMC Web site for your area. In general, getting there before 4 p.m. will get you adult tickets from $4 to $5 and a concession combo, which includes a 24-ounce fountain drink and 64-ounce popcorn with unlimited refills on both for $5! Children are $4 to $4.75 every day, anytime. This equals approximately $40 for a family of four (less if the kids can split a $5 special).

AMC Theatre Senior Special

Sometimes getting older pays off. AMC offers a discount for seniors (60+). In Phoenix, this special is a $5 movie ticket every Tuesday, all day. Again, you’ll need to check AMC’s Web site to make sure this offer pertains to your area.

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AMC Theatre Student Discounts

If you are a student and can’t get there in time for the matinee specials, every Thursday is discount day for students. AMC’s ticket price is $6.75 all day, so you can do your homework first and then catch a later movie!

AMC Theatre Discounts for Early Birds

If you can get your act together to see a movie before noon, you can see first-run movies for $5 in Phoenix, Arizona, (check AMC’s Web site for the pricing in your area). This is a $4.75 savings over regular adult prices! I guess it’s really true that the early bird gets the worm!

AMC Theatre Moviewatcher Program

In addition to these discount offers, AMC offers a frequent “Moviewatcher” program that earns points each time you see a movie. You provide your card at the time of ticket purchase and earn reward points toward free snacks and movie tickets. When you receive your movie ticket, any free rewards earned will be printed along with your ticket. You can use the coupon during your visit or for a future visit. Quickly, you’ll have earned rewards for free popcorn, candy or drinks, and eventually a coupon for a free movie! If you can’t take advantage of the other discount specials because of your schedule, this program will at least give you some discounts during your evening and weekend visits. There is no cost to be a Moviewatcher, so why not?

AMC Theatre Summer Movie Camp for Kids

Each summer, AMC Theatres offers summer specials on previously run kids’ movies from the past year. Tickets are around $1 for all ages, and they usually offer discounts on concession-stand items as well. The details of AMC’s Summer Movie Camp may vary from year to year, but basically, you’ll buy a package of tickets for a certain number of weeks during the summer, which entitles you to a seat in the theater for an early showing (around 10 a.m.) on specific days. AMC should be promoting the Movie Camp in the spring, so watch for it. It’s great, cheap fun for you and the kids!

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AMC Theatre Free Popcorn Wednesday and Other Concession Specials

If you are an AMC Moviewatcher member and it’s Wednesday, you get free popcorn all day long!

If it’s not Wednesday, it pays to check the AMC Web site before you head off to the theater to see what online coupons or specials AMC has for concession items. Right now, it has a $2 discount on its Kid’s Pack and unlimited, $2 jalapeno hot dogs for Moviewatcher members. AMC also offers a free refill on its large popcorn and fountain drink on the same visit.

With the economy the way is it, it pays to save a little on whatever you are doing, right? When it comes to seeing a movie at AMC, it definitely pays to try to hit one of the discount movies and check out the specials online before you go. Maybe you should plan a vacation day from work once a month to see a great movie at discount prices!

Note: Since this article was written, pricing and specials for AMC Theatres may have changed. Check the AMC website for current pricing discounts

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