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How to Raise Organic Poultry at Home

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Raising organic poultry is very beneficial to you in many ways. One reason is because it’s a lot healthier to eat organic food and another reason is because it can save you a ton of money. Raising organic poultry at home also ensures that you aren’t digesting any steroids which many farm companies use to make their chickens bigger. Here is a guide to get you started in raising your own organic poultry.

The first thing you want to consider when raising your organic poultry is where you want to keep your chickens. There are two choices; you can set up a chicken coop or you can allow your chickens to be free range. Free range chickens are chickens that are allowed to roam freely. Chickens that are placed in a chicken coop are fatter and bigger than free range chickens. However, although free range chickens are usually smaller they are generally make healthier organic poultry than chickens kept in a chicken coop.

After you decide how you will be raising your organic poultry you then will need to purchase some livestock for your chicken coop. You should generally buy your chickens at a very young age, preferably between 2-3 days old. You can choose from 3 types of chickens for raising your organic poultry: bantams, the egg layers, and the larger breed chickens. Bantams are the smaller chickens which are relatively inexpensive. Egg layers are as their name states, meant to lay eggs and the larger breed chickens are generally kept for meat.

When you’ve picked out what kind of organic poultry you will be raising, you will next need to find a way to keep your chicks warm. Since young chickens can’t regulate the temperature of their bodies then you will need to do it for them. You can do this by purchasing some heat lamps and placing them inside the coop. Even if you plan on having free range chickens you still need to allow the young chickens to spend some time in the coop with the heat lamps to ensure the survival of your organic poultry.

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The only thing left to do to ensure you have proper organic poultry is to buy some organic food. If you don’t want to buy any, you can always just make your own organic poultry feed. You can do this by combining organic corn, wheat, milk, fish meal, cod liver oil, salt, oyster shell and some grit. You can find recipes to make organic poultry feed on certain websites. You also need to make sure your chickens get water. You can add apple cider vinegar to their water supply to keep them healthy and disease free.

Raising organic poultry is very inexpensive and can even make you some money if you do it right. Not only does organic poultry make you money, it also is a healthier way of living. So start living healthier by raising your own organic poultry.

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