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How to Personalize Your Child’s Homeschooling Desk

Flower Pots

Adding a little personalization to your child’s home school desk can make the school day even more enjoyable. What child does not like to have at least a small amount of space to themselves, to keep pictures as well as some of their work? Below are a few ideas and suggestions on how you can personalize the school desk.

Name plates

An easy name plate that you can make for your desk is a miniature chalkboard. At your local dollar store, you can find miniature chalk boards. Then nail them to the side of your child’s desk, and have them write their name on the chalkboard. They can even add pictures next to their name. Some kids really enjoy changing the look of the name plate on a daily or weekly basis.

Add some Plants

Some kids truly enjoy having plants around, so why not add them to their desk. You can get small flower pots, and allow them to plant whatever they would like to have on their desk. Some kids like flowers, others like to have herbs on their desk. They can even take the time to decorate the flower pots in whatever style they would like.

Personalized in box

In boxes can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Why not take your child on a shopping trip and allow them to pick out the type of box they would like for their desk. Some like the wire shape in-box, and others like to have a stand up type of bin. If you don’t want to purchase one you can easily create your own. Look around your home to see what items you have laying around that you can use for an in-box. Even if you have a few pieces of wood lying around you can make your own homemade in-box.

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Lights needed

All desks need lights to make sure that they have enough light to see their work. A simple small desk lamp would be perfect for any child’s desk. Just check to make sure that the desk lamp is not too bright, or too dull. Some desk lamps have adjustable settings which may prove to be helpful.

Personalized Supply holders

When it comes to organizing your child’s desk, you will need some place for them to store their supplies. One of my favorite ways to store pencils, erasers, markers, and glue is to use small buckets, or even small flower pots. You can use these to hold their items. Why not let each child choose what they want to use to hold their supplies.