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How to Paper Train Puppies

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Having puppies is a unique experience. At about four weeks of age puppies are up and moving. They’ve learned to walk and to play. This is when the potty training process can begin.

Once your puppies are on their feet they’ll begin to sniff out the perfect spot to potty. They’ll search for it just as a grown dog would. No one wants little puppy puddles and droppings scattered about their floor. That is just what will happen if puppies are not paper trained. Big dogs go outside to do their business. Puppies cannot go outside. Paper training is the only way to give them a safe place to go potty.

Here’s what to do. First gather newspapers. You’ll want a stack of them. Having many on hand is important. You’ll want to keep the papers fresh to avoid an unsightly mess and odors associated with it. The weekly newspapers that come in the mail are perfect. Instead of them going into the recycling bin they can be used for puppy papers.

Next you’ll need to choose the spot where you’ll want the papers to be. Puppies generally have a “spot”. As they grow they wander from their spot. The special spot is chosen by either the mother dog or the pet owner when the puppies are first born. Placing the papers near this spot means that the puppies will sniff them and know they are there.

The next step is laying the papers out. Once the place for the papers is determined simply spread out newspapers on the floor. The spread should be two newspapers wide by two long. Layer it three times. The spread of papers will be large enough for all of the puppies to use and the extra layers will be more absorbent than a single layer would be.

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Getting the puppies to use the papers is a little more tricky. The way to do it is to catch the puppies going else where and to then transfer them to the papers. Dogs, even puppies, are smart. Tell your puppy to potty on the papers when he or she is caught going elsewhere, and as you are placing it on the papers. After doing this for about a week the puppies will understand the meaning of potty on the papers and will likely go to them when scolded for going elsewhere.

Puppies determine where to potty by scent. They’ll choose a spot to do their business where they have done it before. A trick to getting puppies to use the papers is to absorb wet accidents with them. If there’s a little puddle next to the papers, or anywhere other than the papers, take a fresh sheet and soak it up. Place that sheet on the papers in the designated paper spot. The puppy who made that puddle will smell the scent of their urine on that paper and will go there again. That means the next puddle is on the papers. It also works to place puppy droppings on the paper. If a puppy has a solid accident simple pick it up with a tissue and place it on the papers. The puppy will get the idea that he needs to do that on the papers.

Paper training puppies is not hard. Be patient and consistent. Catch them going elsewhere and move them to the papers quickly. Thanks for reading and take care!