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How to Make Homemade White Gravy Chicken

Indian Spices, Poppy, Poppy Seeds

This is one of my favorite chicken preparations. This preparation is not a common Indian chicken dish. I came to know about this from one of my relative long back. I added few my own tips and tricks with that old recipe and came up with this delicious one. Later I had several chances when I served this dish to my friends and relatives and received a huge appreciation from them. I am sure you will love it. Just try it at your home. It is far better and healthier than any other usual chicken preparation we eat.

Here we will be using mainly white Indian Poppy seed. This is not a hot spice as almost all Indian spices are, but it has little extra fat (oil) in it. Sometimes if someone suffering from stomach problem people are advised to take grounded and fried poppy seed, which helps them to cure the stomach malfunction. Poppy seed is good for health. If someone is too worried about fat intake and advised not to take any kind of fat enriched food, then he/she should avoid this Indian dish. This white poppy seed is available in any Indian store at US.

Serving: Serves 4

Time of Preparation: 30 mints

Ingredients: These all ingredients are listed based on four serving plates. If you want to prepare little more or less, you need to adjust the amount of ingredients accordingly.

– Boneless, skinless chicken, cut into small pieces (one or one & half inch square) – 2 lbs.
– White onions cut into small square pieces – 1 large size.
– Green pepper cut into small square pieces – 1 medium size each.
– Green Chilli – 6 in numbers.
– White Indian Poppy seed – 150 grams.
– Cashew – 100 grams.
– Ginger – ons tablespoon.
– Plain fat free Yogurt – 4 tablespoons.
– Vinegar – 1 tablespoon.
– Vegetable oil as required.
– Sugar to taste.
– Salt to taste.

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Process: The whole process of preparing this is very easy and actual preparation time is less than 30 minutes.

– Cut the onions and green pepper into square pieces. Chopped the green Chilli into small sizes.

– Take the chicken pieces into a bowl and add yogurt, salt, ginger and vinegar. Mix it well and marinate the mixture for 2 hours.

– Grind the poppy seed in a grinder with little water.

– Grind the cashew

– Mix the grounded poppy seed and cashew and add little water so that it becomes gravy. Make sure the gravy is smooth.

– Put little vegetable oil in a dip frying pan and add the marinated chicken when oil is hot enough. You can also add the green Chilli at this stage.

– Try to cook the chicken in low flame with a cover for 10 minutes.

– In another pan add some oil and fry the onions and green pepper together until onions are little brownish. This onion and pepper should not be a complete fry.

– Now add this half fried onion and pepper to the chicken and also add the gravy of poppy seed and cashew you made earlier. Add one tablespoon of sugar.

– Cook this whole thing in covered condition and in low flame for 8 to 10 minutes.

– Open up the cover and feel the sweet smell of poppy seeds and pepper.

– Serve the preparation with little grounded black pepper.

It is a side-dish, so you can have it with fried rice or bread or roti (Indian bread) etc.