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How to Make Cookie Monster Cupcakes


The food at a child’s birthday party is as important as the games and activities, especially a party for toddlers. When hosting a Sesame Street birthday party, consider making Cookie Monster cupcakes. They are very cute and incredibly easy to make. With a boxed cake mix, ready-made frosting, and a few simple additions, it is possible to make Cookie Monster cupcakes that look just as good as or better than designer bakery desserts. Try this easy method to make Cookie Monster cupcakes, and make your child’s next birthday party a very memorable occasion for all.

Before Beginning

Blue coconut looks just like the fur that covers Cookie Monster, but this ingredient is optional since not everyone likes the chewy texture of shredded coconut. Consider making Cookie Monster cupcakes with blue coconut fur and some without to please everyone at the party. The Cookie Monster cupcakes without coconut will be just as cute and just as tasty as the rest. Also, be sure to watch Sesame Street, or purchase a Sesame Street product to match the fur color and the design of his adorable face.

Ingredients for Cookie Monster Cupcakes

To make cute Cookie Monster cupcakes you will need a cake mix in a flavor of your choice, ready-made vanilla frosting, blue food coloring, and ingredients to make the cake mix. Also needed are chocolate chip cookies or another round variety, cupcake liners, muffin tins, a serrated knife, and big round edible candy eyes with black centers. If necessary, the eyes can be made with white Necco wafers and thin slices of round black gumdrops.

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Begin by baking the Cookie Monster cupcakes according to package directions. As the cake is cooling on a rack, add enough blue food coloring to vanilla frosting to create a deep blue hue. If using coconut, toss it with drops of blue food coloring, and allow it to dry on paper towels.

After the cakes cool completely, generously frost them with the blue frosting, and if desired, top them with blue coconut to represent the fur of the beloved Cookie Monster. If coconut will not be used, create textured blue fur by pulling the knife off of the frosting to create little peaks that look like tufts.

After the Cookie Monster cupcakes are frosted, use a serrated knife to carefully create a big mouth. Cut the top of the cupcake just above the paper liner. Cut the mouth about halfway through the top of the cake. Insert a cookie in the mouth of each of the Cookie Monster cupcakes.

Finish the Cookie Monster cupcakes by placing two ready-made eyes on top of the frosting in the proper position. If ready-made eyes are not available, position two white Necco wafers in the frosting, and place two thin slices of round black gumdrops against the wafers to create two big eyes.

These cute Cookie Monster cupcakes look almost too good to eat. They are absolutely adorable, and adults as well as kids will love them. Also, when made with quality cake mix, frosting, and cookies, they will taste as good as they look!