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How to Make a Musical Rain Stick Craft Project for Children or Adults

Scotch Tape

A Musical Rain stick is an easy and fun project that can be done in a short amount of time. The assembly of the pieces is quick, but you can spend as much time as you like decorating the outer surface of the musical rain stick.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need to make the rain stick.

Thick cardboard tubes 2 to 2 ½ feet long ( Mailing tubes work well.)
2 Cups of Dry uncooked rice
1 Cup of Dried uncooked green peas
3 sheets of Aluminum foil about 8″x 11″
2 Tube ends to seal the ends of the cardboard tube. (Plastic ones work well, but the end pieces need to be sturdy enough to withstand the falling peas, foil and rice hitting them over and over again, so they don’t burst while the rain stick is being played with. The best thickness is like a disposable plastic drinking cup.)
3 Sheets of white paper . (White printer paper works fine.)
Double sided scotch tape
Either colored markers or paints with brushes
Stapler and staples
Measuring cup
Bowl large enough to hold three cups of dry uncooked rice and dried peas.

The rain stick can be done as an inside or outside project.

Put one of the end pieces on the end of the tube. Make sure it stays in place with staples or strong tape.

Measure the 2 cups of dry rice and 1 cup of peas and pour into a bowl.

Tear all the foil into tiny pieces, about dime to nickel size.

Stand the tube in end either on the table/work surface sealed end down, or between your legs with the one sealed end on the floor.

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Carefully pour all the dry rice and dried peas into the open end of the tube.

Pour in the torn up aluminum foil.

Put the other end seal on the open end and seal it shut with strong tape or staples.

Set the stick aside while you work on the outside decoration.

Colour or paint the 3sheets of paper in any design you like. Bold designs and colours show up the best. The papers will be overlapping, so be aware of that when making your designs.

When the 3 sheets are done, roll the first one around the cardboard tube, beginning on one end. Put the artwork lengthwise on the cardboard and roll it tightly around the cardboard surface.

Attach it to the cardboard using the double sided tape, placed on the back side of the drawing.

Repeat with the second drawing on the other end of the tube., sealing it in place with the two sided scotch

Finish it by placing the third drawing, also lengthwise, overlapping the other two drawings on either end and tape it in place.

Double check to make sure both the end peaces are sealed in place well.

Hold the tube upright and let the beans, rice and foil, fall from one end to the other and listen to the sound of falling rain. Repeat by turning it over again to let the “rain” inside fall gently.

Now you have a musical rain stick!