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How to Live Alone Happily

Most people think that living alone is horrible; I thought so for years and that’s why I let some really wrong people into my home and felt having anyone was better than no one. The last person I let into my life cost me not only financially, but emotionally as well. Not only was he financially irresponsible, but he had some real major issues. I am the type of person who always makes sure I keep a roof over my head and a good running vehicle in the driveway. There is wrong with someone who doesn’t. Believe me, I’ve met them. I really do not like anyone using my personal items either, or waking me up when I want to sleep. How about those dreaded words, “what’s for dinner?” when you’ve just got home from work. This really aggravates me!

I’ll place things in certain places that I remember, and when I go to find them, they have been moved. Another thing if I can afford a television, go buy your own. After countless days and nights of aggravation I’ve decided that living alone was really for me. It’s not for everyone though; if you can meet someone compatible with you and can overlook a lot of things then that’s wonderful – but I have not met that person yet so I can tell you how to live happily alone.

First of all living alone doesn’t mean you have no friends or romantic interests. Go out and mingle, enjoy all the freedom you don’t have from having someone to answer to. I love to travel and I could never do that with someone, they never could come up with the money or always made me feel guilty for going without them.

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Enjoy your family, have them over as much as possible, and when you live with someone you try not to have others around a lot, just to respect their privacy. Get that big hound dog you always wanted – so what if it barks too much, as long as it doesn’t bother you.

Now you can fix up things too! Go ahead get that new couch, before you had to worry about them spilling food and drinks on it, of course they would never have it cleaned, or pay to replace it. Go ahead and stay up all night listening to music or watching TV at a higher volume, and let’s not forget who cares if you leave the dishes until tomorrow.

Several things I can do now that bothered the person I was living with, I can do now. When I’m home from work on my days off I like to sleep late, and then watch some television for a couple of hours. Then I’ll do some chores around the house. That seemed to be a problem; “I should be up early every morning doing work”. Just remember, if you do get lonely, call someone, visit someone, or have a friend over for dinner, join a club; there’s so much you can do.

I’ve found by living alone I went out and did more things, I didn’t have to worry if the other person was having fun or not, and of course I sometimes wanted to leave or stay longer and couldn’t. I have to say some people really need to live alone; they are just to set in their ways and are unwilling to compromise.

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I found out that, I like my house a certain ways and like to come and go as I please, I might be willing to compromise if the person I met could put up with my petty ways but, until then I’ll live in peace.