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How to Dispose of an Unused Piano

Moving Costs

Many of us have an old piano in our home that isn’t being used. Perhaps the piano was inherited from a relative or purchased for a child who never became interested in lessons. Disposing of an old piano can be done at no cost but the task requires some research and legwork. As long as your piano is playable, or can become playable, a church, school or collector will be quite willing to take it off your hands.

Tip One

Determine if you want to sell your piano or simply give it away. If the piano is relatively new, or you bought it directly from the factory or dealer, then you should have no problem finding a buyer. If your piano is older then finding a buyer it might be more of a problem. A simple way to determine the value of your piano is to compare prices of the make and model. Online resources such as the piano blue book and piano world are good places to start.

Tip Two

Contact piano collectors, piano repair men and tuners working in your area. A piano tuner or repairman may take the piano off your hands, especially if they need the parts Antique furniture restorers often restore antique pianos as well.

Tip Three

If you have trouble selling your piano offer to donate it to a local school or church. Schools and churches need pianos for rehearsals and often only require a piano in playable condition. School’s in particular are notoriously under funded and often don’t have the budget to purchase new instruments. When you contact a church or school ask if they have volunteers who would be willing to move your piano and save you the moving costs.

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Tip Four

Piano adoption is an online resource where piano owners can find a home for their unused pianos. The piano adoption website is a forum where organizations and individuals post classifieds wishing to receive or donate a piano. Many useful tips on donating or receiving free pianos are provided on the piano adoption website.