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How to Cut a Transformer from Foam


Bend a transformer type cookie cutter from steel banding. The edge of the banding is sharp enough to cut through foam. Metal roof flashing is an alternative to steel banding to create a cookie cutter type object to cut through foam up to 8 inches thick. Make the transformer figure any shape. Bend the metal using a bench vise or needle nose pliers. Try to avoid very small bends like individual fingers. The properties of the foam allow for easy breakage.


Ultra-fine permanent marker
Steel banding
Band saw
Transparent 6- to 12-inch ruler
Bench vise
Needle nose pliers
Tack welder
Safety goggles
Work gloves


Draw a transformer figure on a piece of paper. Lay a string around the outline. Cut the string 2 inches longer than the transformer outline.

Lay the string along the edge of the steel banding. Place a mark at the end of the string. Draw a straight line across the steel banding from the mark.

Cut the steel banding on the mark with a band saw.

Select a corner on the outline of the transfer to begin measuring. Mark the location with an arrow. This is the point to begin the angles and curves necessary to create the transformer cutout. Measure to the next corner and mark the location on the steel banding.

Make all angles by placing the steel banding in a bench vise or use needle nose pliers. Align the marks on the steel and bend the metal to the appropriate angle.

Make the curves by hand bending or taping the metal around an appropriate diameter pipe.

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Overlap the end of the steel banding at the completion of the transformer design. Pull the steel banding together until you reach the correct transformer shape. Mark the outside banding at the edge of the inside banding.

Measure 3/8 inch past the mark on the outside banding. Draw a straight line across the width of the steel banding. Cut the steel banding on the line with the band saw. Be careful not to disturb any of the angles and curves.

Reposition the steel banding to create the transformer foam cutter. Tack weld the banding together.


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