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How to Cleanse Your Bowels and Avoid Constipation

Bowels, Relieve Constipation

More people suffer from constipation and blocked bowels than you may imagine. Constipation is a problem of food passage through the digestive system. Many who suffer from blocked bowels find it difficult to eliminate the food they have eaten and often pass stools that are dry and hard.

Constipation can make you feel uncomfortable. It is possible that you have experienced this issue in the past. If you are currently constipated, you may feel bloated or “too full” even if you have not eaten anything recently. Fortunately, this is an issue that can usually be resolved at home.

Follow the tips in this article to relieve the pressure you feel insided your body and ultimately avoid constipation in the future.

Stop Eating Saturated Foods That Clog Your Bowels

Saturated foods have crept into our daily diets over the past several years. This food creates a digestive problem for your body. It is difficult for your body to metabolize foods that are. Second, there are typically few nutrients in saturated foods that your body can use throughout the day. Third, there is usually very little fiber content in saturated foods. As a result, this food sits in your large intestine without any means of being eliminated easily.

To cleanse your bowels and avoid constipation, remove as much saturated foods from your diet as possible.

Eat More Fiber To Cleanse Your Bowels

Fiber helps your body eliminate food through a normal bowel movement. It comes in 2 forms: soluable and insoluable. Your body, unable to digest fiber in either form, simply passes it through your system and ultimately eliminates it through a bowel movement.


This inability for your body to digest fiber is the reason doctors recommend increasing your fiber consumption to relieve constipation. Consult a fiber chart (I have included a link to a fiber chart in the resources section). Plan your diet around foods that contain high amounts of fiber. Most fruits and vegetables contain at least a few grams of fiber.

Drink Plenty Of Water To Avoid Constipation

To relieve constipation, you must consume large amounts of water. Water helps your body’s intestinal track to digest the food you eat. This helps the elimination process and results in an regular, easy bowel movement.

Though most expert say you should drink 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water each day, I recommend you drink at least 100 ounces if you are currently suffering from constipation. Once you have allowed your body to eliminate the food in your bowels on a regular schedule, you can decrease your daily amount of water consumption to 64 ounces.

Your digestive health begins and often ends at home. That is, you can often do all that is necessary to unblock your bowels, have an easy bowel movement and avoid constipation in the future by taking the measures described above.

If you have done the above and your constipation persists, consult a doctor. Your body may require additional measures to resolve the problem.