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How to Clean Your Gardening Pots Naturally

If you are the type of person who enjoys gardening and likes to reuse old pots each year, this article is for you. Cleaning out your gardening pots before putting in fresh soil and new plants is very important. You don’t want left over soil or chemicals in the bottom of the pots. If you find old pots that have been thrown out or purchase them from a garage sale you will want to take the time to clean them out properly. It can help your plants to grow a lot faster when you have the right environment for them to do so. Below you will find several tips and suggestions on how you can clean your gardening pots out the natural way.

The first thing you will need is a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle half way with warm water. Next add about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the water mix and shake the bottle well. Then get a fresh lemon, roll it around on the counter, and cut in half. Take just one half of the lemon and squeeze it into the water bottle as well. Your cleaning spray is all done and you can get started on cleaning out your pots.

Take an old washcloth or perhaps an old shirt that is now being used as a rag. You will also need a bucket filled halfway with just warm water for rinsing. Take the spray bottle and spray down the inside of your flower pot. Then take the rag and wipe out the pot. If the dirt is a little stuck on you may need to use some more spray and put a little more elbow grease into scrubbing. Once the rag is dirty you will want to dip it into the bucket of water to rinse it out. Be sure to rinse it out well so that you can avoid putting dirt back in the clean flower pot.

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Once the flower pot is all wiped out with the solution, you will want to wipe it out with a dry rag. Some may suggest that you use paper towels, but I have found it best to use cloths. Using old rags and cloths you will be saving yourself lots of money in the long run. When the flower pot is all cleaned out allow it to air dry. Once the flower pot is all dried out you can start planting your new flowers.