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How to Clean Terracotta Floors

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Terracotta floors are beautiful, but they can be high maintenance if not cared for properly. Keeping them swept is a key factor. Terracotta is a porous flooring, so dirt, crumbs and hair get into the pores of the flooring and cause buildup. Mop the floor on a regular basis and allow it to completely air dry. If you properly care for your terracotta floor, you can enjoy its beauty for years.

Things You’ll Need
White vinegar

Fill a bucket with warm water.

Add a cup of white vinegar to the water.

Mop the floor with the vinegar and water mixture.

Rinse the floor with clean, warm water.

Allow the floor to air dry.

Consider sealing the floor, if the floor is currently unsealed. This will help protect the terracotta and assist with easier floor cleaning. Sealants can be purchased online or at most tile flooring retailers. Follow the directions on the manufacturer’s container.

Terracotta flooring can be cleaned with mopping detergents for regular floors, but this is not recommended on a regular basis. Never use bleach on a terracotta floor. If you are having problems getting the floor cleaned, see a professional about cleaning and sealing your terracotta floor with terracotta cleaners, restorers and sealers.

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