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How to Apply No-Sew Snaps

One of my hobbies is sewing clothes, and since I detest making buttonholes I often use Dritz Snap Fasteners because they give my outfits a professional appearance.

If you do not have a special tool known as a Snap Fastener Pliers, you can still apply no sew snaps with a few simple tools. You will need a pencil with a good eraser head, a spool of thread (or empty spool), and a hammer.

First mark your clothing for proper placement of your snaps. I do this with straight pins. To connect your decorative or plain style prong to the socket, place the fabric on top of the prong. With an eraser head push through the fabric onto the prongs, and this will force the sharp ends of the prongs through the fabric. It will also make holes in your eraser head! Once the prongs are visible, place the socket or stud on top of the prongs, lining up the prongs with the grooves. Place your spool of thread on top of the socket or stud and hammer firmly.

When applied properly, these snaps are extremely secure and I never had any issues with the snaps coming apart. They make a nice professional presentation on handmade items of clothing, and are much easier and faster than making buttonholes.

Basic Snap Fasteners
The size 15 Dritz snap fasteners measure 3/8″ in diameter. The kit contains four parts; sockets, studs and prongs. These are great when sewing pants for babies because they allow you to unsnap the pants to change your babies diapers.

Years ago clothing manufacturers regularly put snaps on the inseams of baby clothes, but I have found that is quite rare today. It’s nice to be able to make your own pants with the snaps on the inseam.

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Decorative Snap Fasteners
When sewing jackets, I find the Dritz Pearl Snaps make a more professional look, and they are easier and faster than making buttonholes. The size 16 fasteners measure almost 1/4″ in diameter and have a top snap that is very attractive, with a pearlized look in either black or opal. I don’t know what these are made of, but they look like glass and can indeed be broken when not applied properly.

Heavy Duty for Thick Fabrics or Canvas
If you want to place a snap fastener on a thick piece of fabric, such as corduroy, denim, or canvas, the Dritz Heavy Duty Nickel Snap Fasteners are a good choice. Some of the heavy duty snaps will require the use of a Plier Kit.

Snap Fastener Pliers
The Dritz Pliers allow you to attach your snaps much easier and faster. The small rubber adapters will let you safely place your decorative pearl snaps onto your fabric without fear of cracking the decorative heads.

You simply place your two snap parts in each side of the pliers and squeeze very tightly. I still like to finish it off with a nice little hammer tap to be sure they are as secure as possible.

Snap Fastener Tool Kit
Another choice to apply no sew snaps is the Snap Fastener Tool Kit. This kit contains a tool, anvil and a pad. The pad has a small depression in it which allows you to apply the decorative glass heads without breaking them.