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Hawaii’s Best Barbecue Sauces and Seasonings


All the locals know there is nothing better than a bar-be-que in all the Hawaiian Islands. There is no fun without Hawaiian barbeque favorites like white rice, teriyaki chicken beef or pork, poke’ (pronounced “po-keh” which is bite sized pieces of raw fresh fish mixed with seaweed, kukinut relish etc. ), macaroni salad, green salad made with fresh, garden greens Hawaii grown. Top the barbeque festivities off with a local desert like baked coconut taro or maybe some mochi cakes.

To have a little taste of a Hawaiian barbeque on the mainland try some of the best local, natural delicious barbeque sauces to spice up your next cookout.

Freddie’s Fabulous Hawaiian Sauces

Spicy/ Original Teriyaki Sauces- the excellent sauce adds flair to your bland fish, shrimp, chicken beef, pork, and lamb. It is a very versatile all season sauce. Try it in your stir fry vegetable dishes. The all natural ingredients are fresh garlic, fresh ginger, black pepper, oil, and spices.

Hawaiian Mango Salsa Spicy/Mild Made with fresh mangos, onion, sugar, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, salt, jalapeno and spices.

To get Freddie’s Fabulous Hawaiian sauces go to his website www.hawaiiansauce.com and look for the locations near you to pick up bottles of this sauce. Some states the sauces are sold in are California, Florida, Ohio, Washington etc.

Hawaiian’s Famous Huli Huli Sauce- is great to marinate your favorite meats. Some Hawaiian people love chicken thighs. What’s your favorite piece? Let your taste buds free. Pour it on, and savor the flavor of the Huli Hulu sauce. It also works well on beef and pork.

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Seasonings can make or break the taste of that perfect cut of steak etc. So to ensure that doesn’t happen to yours use the right kind of seasoning.

Ono Hawaiian Seasoning- “Ono” meaning delicious in Hawaii is an all in one flavor enhancer of Hawaii. What a perfect antidote for jazzin’ up seafood meats and poultry. It comes in an 8 oz. plastic bottle. Product is made in Hawaii and contains no msg. The see through bottle shows you a balanced blend of sea salt, cane sugar, ginger, garlic, onion, and cracked black pepper. After sprinkling this super seasoning on your food guest will finally believe that you are the gourmet chef of your family. It isn’t just for meat use on seasonal vegetables, in your homemade soups, and stews. It is best for a good ole’ meat rub. Go to www.hawaiiankinestuff.comand click on the market place to get this seasoning and more Hawaiian sauces, treats, and favorites.

For a delectable garden salad try dressings with that Hawaiian style” flava” try these two salad dressings. Hawaiian Hula Papaya Seed Dressing Papaya seed dressing is a favorite of the Aloha State. Hawaiian Hula Maui Onion Dressing -Maui onion dressing has a delicious tropical flavor. Maui Onions are known as the sweetest, and the best onions of the land.

Tip#– If you know someone who is a hot sauce lover, maybe it’s you, a great gift would be the Hula Girl Hot Sauce Set- the hot sauces are incredible. You are getting award winning hot sauces. The Fiery Sauce– is the spiciest of the 3 sauces. The Red Jalapeno– the second hot sauce has a medium heat. The Green Jalapeno- has a mild heat. Each hot sauce has its own distinctive great flavor and compliments any recipe. On the bottle label you will find recipes for the “Hula Girl Sloppy Joes”, “Cheese Bread Spread” and the legendary “Chipotle Habanero”, and a delicious “Guava BBQ sauce”. Each recipe utilizes a different hot sauce.www.hawaiiankinestuff.com

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When’s your next bar-be-que?