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Handy Football Gadgets for Men

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NFL Football Universal TV Remote: Numerous retail stores carry an Excalibur “Official NFL” football remote. This football gadget for men costs $24.99 or less at most stores. It is compatible with most TV brands on the market and can come in handy during game night. The Excalibur “Official NFL” football remote can be enjoyed during special football events at home or for everyday use. It resembles a regular football and has flat TV control buttons on one side. There is an NFL logo near the top of this remote. Stores and private sellers market this football gadget for men under several teams including the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers. However, most product images do not include team logos which cause some confusion about the brand.

SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard: This is one of the football gadgets for men that come in handy all year round. Users can keep track of their favorite football teams without needing a computer jack, extra wires or special software subscriptions. The SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard provides updates every quarter and comes in handy during circumstances where a TV, radio or computer is not available to football fans. This football gadget gives men schedules, standings, and scores in addition to playoff, preseason and off-season stats. The information is updated every 15 minutes.

This football gadget for men also has a built-in clock that automatically resets. Users can get updated information about every team and every football game. The SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard used to be $99 but can be found for $69 and under. Most computer related stores, game stores and sporting retailers carry this football gadget. It can be given as a great Father’s Day present or bought as an individual treat.

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Logitech Football Mouse: Men who work in a relaxed atmosphere may find the Logitech Football Mouse to be a handy gadget for the office. If strict work rules persist, it is a great way to personalize a home computer. This football gadget for men is smaller than the standard Logitech mouse but can work without a mouse pad. It is designed like a football and has a black base. The Logitech Football Mouse is not easy to find but is available through private sellers and few stores. This is one of the least expensive Football Gadgets for Men, costing around $19.99.

Virtual Distance Football: Men who play football games as often as watching their favorite teams on TV may find the virtual distance ball to be a handy item. It is made of durable foam and accurately measures the distance that a football is thrown. The results are displayed on an LCD screen located on the football. This can help to clear disputes or brag when playing football with friends. The Virtual Distance Football is intended for throwing, not kicking and is a very cheap football gadget to buy. This football gadget is priced between $14 and $19.99.