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Grunge Hearts Generator for Facebook Profiles

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With Valentine’s coming up, many people are decorating their Facebook profiles with hearts, quotes, and other Valentine’s graphics. One of the things that is very popular is the Grunge Hearts Generator. This is a basically a generator that allows you to add any text you want to two grunge hearts. Once you add the text to the hearts, you can post the hearts on your Facebook wall or you can post it to someone else’s wall. This is a really neat thing you can do and if you want to use the Grunge Hearts Generator, take a look at this article for help and directions on where to start.

You will first need to visit the generator’s page http://www.satisfaction.com/grunge-hearts/ . Once you have loaded that page, you will see an example of what the Grunge Hearts will look like. Below the example of what it will look like, you will see the fields you can fill in to create your own Grunge Heart for Facebook.

The first field is the text that will appear in the heart on the left. The second field is the text that will appear in the heart on the right. So you can your name in one heart and someone else’s name in the other heart, or you can enter a message in the hearts. In order to put a break in the text, you will need to use the * symbol. You can get that symbol by holding your Shift key down and pressing the 8 key at the top of your keyboard.

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After you have entered the message you want to be displayed on the Grunge Hearts, you can move the text around. Simply grab the text on the hearts with your mouse and drag it to where you want it. After you have created the Grunge Hearts like you want them, you will need to copy the code and find the Share it On Facebook link below the box you are working in. Click that link after you have copied the code. On the following page, paste the code in the Paste HTML box. Then click Preview/Share. On the following page click Share it Now. Then click the Facebook button on the next page and follow the steps to post the Grunge Hearts.