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Great Gifts for 6-10 Year Old Girls

Games for Girls, Littlest Pet Shop

Most six to ten year old girls have definite likes and dislikes. They may be hard to shop for if you don’t know what types of activities or characters that they like. Nonetheless, there are some items that may appeal across the board and there are others that you may choose based on the knowledge you have of a particular girl.

Most of the girls in this age range that I know love to do arts and crafts. Any arts and crafts kits or supplies would make good gifts. You can buy many kits for crafts such as Watch of the Week Kit, My Jewelry Box Kit, Crayola Color Explosion Kitis a painting kit where a girl can design their very own music box. Even more exciting, there is a music box inside this cute little jewelry box! Crayola Color Explosion uses special markers to create bold, beautiful designs on special paper.

If the girl you are buying gifts for loves outdoor sports, a new bicycle, scooter or inline skates might be the gift of choice. All girls need lots of exercise and these gifts will surely provide that! In addition, accessoriesinlineas knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets are useful and perhaps less expensive choices for a girl who may already own the bike, scooter, or skates!

For cold winter weekend days or for “Family Game Night” a board game is great fun! There are so many great board games available and it’s hard to know how to choose. The old favorites are always good choices and among these I include The Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chinese Checkers or Checkers. But, if you want to be more creative, there are some other fun games available.

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Mancala is an old game but one that many people do not know about. It is a game played by 2 players with marbles. Each player moves their marMancalaound the board in a certain way and the one with the most marbles at the end of the game is the winner. It is simple to learn but the strategy and luck involved make the game a good one for adults to play with children.

Another really great strategy game is called Blokus. It can be played with 2-4 players and is played on a square game board with game pieces made of smaller squares. The pieces can only Blokusced on the board in a specific way which is what makes the game challenging. The object is to place as many game pieces on the board as you can on the board before it gets filled up. The winner is the one who places the most pieces on the board. It is a good game for families to play together because it is challenging yet at the same time simple enough for girls as young as 6 year olds to learn.

There are a few other really fun games for girls to play with their families or friends. Perfection is a game where you try toolds shapes into the game board before time runs out. Yahtzee is a game where you have to roll dice and you score points for certain number combinations. A game scoring pad helps to keep track of scores. Jenga is a building game where one must build a tower and rebuild it as pieces are removed from the tower. It is a game of balance and can beJengaed by all ages as well.

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Some girls between ages 6-10 still love to play with dolls and playsets and others are no longer interested in these types of toys. Polly Pockets and My Littlest Pet Shop toys are popular with many of theplaysets girls in this age range. Polly Pockets are very small dolls with tiny clothes and accessories. There are miniature cars, houses, and even a shopping mall. The My Littlest Pet Shop toys are tiny animals with accessories. Many girls like to make up their own stories as they play with these toys making them very creative and versatile toys.

Books are always a good choice but it is unless you know the girl very well, it is hard to pick out books to suit their interest as well as their reading abilities. Nonetheless, a good bookstore clerk should be able to help you pick out a few books that would be suitable if this is what you choose to purchase.

Gift buying for girls in this age range can be tough. As I stated at the beginning, girls within this age range are in many different places with definite likes and dislikes. It helps to have some idea of this when shopping for these girls for just the right fit. Hopefully some of the suggestions above are useful to you in your shopping endeavors.