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Gift Ideas for Someone Attending a School Reunion

New Camera

Do you know someone who will be attending a school reunion? If you would like to buy them a gift, the following are some gift ideas in various prices.

1. Business Cards or Personal Cards
Attending a school reunion and seeing old friends is great. If you want to exchange phone numbers, addresses, including email, handing an old friend a business card or personal card looks so special. A business card or personal card is much nicer than writing all the information on a slip of paper. These cards are a gift that the gift recipient might not purchase for herself or himself.

2. Gift Certificate
We all want to look our best when we attend any social function, especially a school reunion. The gift recipient will appreciate a gift certificate for a day spa or hair salon. Some of the services they might be able to receive with the gift certificate include a manicure, pedicure, haircut, facial, etc.

3. Jewelry
This is a nice gift idea for someone attending a school reunion. Some ideas for women include a necklace, a pin, and a bracelet. Some ideas for men include a watch or a tie tack or a tie clip. These jewelry ideas can be found in various prices suitable for every budget.

4. Evening Bag
A nice evening bag is the perfect accessory for a woman attending a school reunion. It can be fancy with beads and sequins or simple and elegant, depending on the outfit she will be wearing to the school reunion. To get an idea, simply ask her what she will be wearing, or maybe you can go shopping with her as she shops for her outfit.

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5. Camera
There are sure to be plenty of photo opportunities at the school reunion. A camera, whether it is a film or a digital camera would be a terrific gift idea. The school reunion attendee will enjoy taking photos with a new camera and showing them to you after the reunion.

6. Pen
A fine pen taken out of a pocketbook or pocket will look much nicer than pulling out an ordinary looking pen. A nice looking pen can be purchased in various prices. This gift idea will give many years of writing pleasure.

7. Mini Planner
Instead of jotting down notes, etc. on a piece of paper, a mini planner, small enough to fit into an evening bag or pocket is a thoughtful gift idea. A mini planner will make the gift recipient look and feel very organized.

Hope that the gift ideas given above will help you as you prepare to shop for someone who will be attending a school reunion.