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Ghillie Suit Colors

Ghillie Suit

The world is full of a limitless potential of color combinations. The greatest time to see the changes of color in the world, is to take note to each new season every year. Winter brings snow, brightens the vegetation, and recycles the planet. Spring brings everything back to life, and injects green colors back into the world. While the planet changes colors, so should you. Following mother nature is the easiest way to blend into the environment. Obviously you don’t want to have white fabric in spring, and you don’t want bright green fabric in winter. Ninety nine percent of people who regularly use ghillie suits would never make that mistake. Though, a vast majority of people can make slight mistakes that hurt their effectiveness.

We have spoken about how different the colors can be in opposite seasons, but what about similar seasons? If you are in the beginning of summer, you may have to switch over from your spring colors. Now, I live in California, so the changes between seasons isn’t as drastic as an eastern state. However, if you do happen to live in an area that drastically changes per season, then you need to change your fabric according to the colors. Even the shade of colors can make a big difference. Animals interpret danger with a combination of sight, smell, and hearing. So, if you stand out as a dark green object in the middle of a light green field, you reduce effectiveness. Don’t get lazy and put off changing your colors.

I find myself getting into recurring arguments with people about this topic. Basically, people think that it is okay to have a different shade of fabric. As long as it is the same color right? Wrong. Look at bow hunters for example. Bow hunters rely on camouflage, in fact, it is directly connected to their success. Have the wrong shade, and you could lose a chance to get a shot off. So sure, you can get within 50 yards of an animal with the wrong shade. However; you wont get close enough to be effective. You might as well watch the animal through a set of binoculars. Laziness does not work in the world of ghillie.

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A common excuse is about the fabric itself. It seems that people have a hard time finding the fabric to accommodate their season. To save time, you can easily browse through some ghillie suit kits on the internet. Sometimes, the kits are easier and more efficient than making your own fabric. Of course, you could always get a completed ghillie suit for each season. That can save time but is more costly. As for completed suits, you can browse for full ghillie suits or 2 piece ghillie suits. I personally prefer getting a pre-made suit per season. Though, as also suggested above, the ghillie suit kit is more affordable and is just as effective. Some people I know make their own ghillie suits for scratch. However; it is time consuming, and easy to make mistakes.