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Fun Tree Stand for Girl’s Jewelry

Collecting jewelry is a fun part of a girl’s life, isn’t it? Most girls also enjoy jewelry boxes and earring holders – things that help organizer her fast-growing accessory collection. A girl doesn’t have to wait on Mom to buy her a jewelry holder nor does she have to save up her money to buy her own. And, no longer does she have to wade through inches-deep jewelry pieces that have collected at the bottom of her jewelry box. She can easily make her own jewelry holder and it’s a one-holder-holds-all-type of a thing. Whether she’s into cuff bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces or all of those things she’ll easily be able to store the whole assortment on a new tree stand.

It’s easy to make a tree stand for all types of jewelry, and you can make a very simplistic version, or go steps further and make something more elegant. You have many choices along the way so you can create the jewelry holder from things you already have or by using a few cheap items from a craft store. You can take the time to embellish the tree stand or you can make it and use it all within a few minutes!

To start, go outside and choose a tree branch piece that has several different twigs protruding off of it. If you have no trees in your yard visit a friend or take a hike in the woods. The branch piece you pick can be somewhat short or a little taller. The main branch should be sturdy but not huge in diameter. It can go straight up or crook off to one side but there must be several protruding twigs which are also strong.

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If you have no way of painting the branch it’s not really mandatory. However, painting the tree branch makes it easy to match it with your room’s decor or to create an elegant look. Paint it gold, hot pink or any color you want. It might take more than one coat to get the coverage and shade you desire. Whether you’re painting or not painting the branch take a damp cloth and wipe each branch and twig carefully. Make sure the branch is not damp before painting.

You’ll need a large Styrofoam ball to create the holder for the branch. Cut the ball in half and mount it to a base piece. The best base is a piece of painted or unfinished wood but you can also use thick cardboard. However, the cardboard will have to be weighted down. Glue on lots and lots of fake jewels, small rocks or other heavy items to weight it. If you decide to paint the Styrofoam ball check the label on the paint first. Some paints actually melt Styrofoam so be sure before painting.

After you’ve mounted the ball and painted it, take the branch you’ve chosen and stick it into the center of the ball. Remove it, pour in glue, then place the branch back into the hole. Use objects to hold the small tree up until the glue has set completely. After the glue is dry the basic tree is finished. There are substitutions you can do, and embellishments you can add, to create other versions of the jewelry tree.

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If you have no Styrofoam ball you can use a stack of cardboard instead. Glue several pieces of thick cardboard together than cut a hole in the center of the stack. Depending upon the glue you’re using you might find it easier to cut the holes, glue the cardboard, then align the holes. Fill the stacked holes with glue and place your tree inside. Allow to set completely. Glue on heavy objects to hold the cardboard steady under the weight of the branch. Although the branch isn’t likely too heavy the cardboard will tend to lean or tip if the tree doesn’t stand perfectly straight or has more branches on one side than the other.

To give the tree a truly glitzy look tie strings around some of the branches and hang fake jewels from them. Purchase sets of the adhesive jewels, trap the ends of the string between them, and dangle them, here and there, from the tree. The remainder of the branches and twigs can hold bracelets, necklaces, hair ties and much more. ISince the branches can’t hold post earrings you can mount a small, decorative box to the base for holding these tiny pieces. t’s a unique project that allows even really young girls to create their own jewelry stands.