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Fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI

Greyhound Racing, Lincoln Park, RI

If you haven’t been to Lincoln Park in the last six months you may want to plan a visit soon. When you go be ready for an incredible surprise. What generations have called Lincoln Park has been recreated at considerable expense into the new gaming, dining and entertainment center called “Twin Rivers. The new park shares the name of the exit many use to get to the park off Route 146 in Lincoln, RI. But everything else is brand new. Planners have altered and workers have upgraded almost every inch of this property and the results are truly amazing.

Dining. Make sure that your next trip to Twin Rivers is planned around a meal. The options for fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI include great dining experiences. You can still enjoy the fast food options that can help to stave of your hunger and thirst, while you play the slots, but now there are more extravagant choices as well.

Already drawing a crowd at the new Twin Rivers is the “Twin Hearth Buffet ” which offers lunch and dinner daily. There are 14 stations of specialty foods. The array can’t help but please even the most finicky of eaters. Among the offerings are pizza, pasta, meat carving stations, seafood and of course mouth watering desserts.

Some patrons may prefer eating in a more reserved setting and enjoy being served at their table. There are several Twin Rivers in house restaurants to accommodate those customers. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant”, “Fred and Steve’s “( a steak house owned by two former Patriots ), an Irish pub called
Fado “and for the burger and shake crowd, “Johnny Rocket’s” . There is no need for anyone who is out having fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI. to go home hungry or less than satisfied.

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Entertainment. Before becoming Twin Rivers, Lincoln Park had gradually built a modest reputation for quality entertainment. A major aspect of the development of Twin Rivers has been a veritable explosion of entertainment events.

Twin Rivers still maintains “Catch a Rising Star” with its live comedy club style acts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and its crowd pleasing “Salsa Sundays. Now entertainment fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI has been taken to a whole new level. At the huge, new Twin Rivers Entertainment Center ticket holders can claim seats to see top name entertainment. With names like the “Goo Goo Dolls”, “Uncle Kracker”, “the Isley Brothers” and “Three Dog Night” on their guest list, Twin Rivers plans to offer its customers more than their money’s worth.

Gaming. While Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI has raised the level of its dining and entertainment , the dominant reason for many people to check out the new face of the Old Lincoln Park is the opportunity to engage in gaming. The massive renovations and additions at Twin Rivers have produced 200,000 square feet of available gaming space and the third largest variety of video slots in the nation. For video slots, poker and keno, Twin Rivers is the leader in New England, hands down.

Twin Rivers hopes to get the lion’s share of the gaming public by offering play at a variety of prices that are meant to suit the wallets of even the most tight fisted gamblers. Those who come for fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln.,RI can choose between play that costs only a penny a spin or. for the high rollers. games that require an investment of $25 a spin. Play is of course offered at every denomination of coin and paper in between as well. Those who have already come for a few hours of fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI are perhaps the best proof of the park’s success. Patrons are wining a total of $16 million per week and the progressive jackpot has paid out more than $650,000 at one play. The food and entertainment for many are just decorations. The gaming is the thing.

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On the Track The reputation of the original Lincoln Park was built on greyhound racing. Twin Rivers plans to continue that tradition. It is still in the process of bringing its betting stations for on site racing up to the kind of state of the art quality that now dominates the rest of the Twin Rivers facility. Twin Rivers is on target for providing its dog racing fans and their simulcast racing friends with the upscale setting that they too can enjoy when they come to have fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI.

Twin Rivers Rewards. Many visitors might feel that with all the upgrades in service and products that they have already been thoroughly rewarded for years of patronage. Twin Rivers has more to give. Like many casinos, Twin Rivers is now offering “rewards cards” to its customers.

The cards will apply credits to your account for every bet you place whether on a video slot machine or on a dog race. As the points mount up, guests will be delighted to use them on food and entertainment at Twin Rivers. They can also be redeemed at all Rhode Island Shell Gas Stations and at any of the several Simon Malls in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

When you set out for fun at Twin Rivers, Lincoln, RI you know before you set one foot in the establishment at Twin Rivers, even when you lose, you win.