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Free Printable Birthday Cards

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Finding the right gift for a birthday is hard enough without having to find the right card. Birthday cards can be expensive and this is why many people are searching the internet for free printable birthday cards that they can give to their loved ones. These sites are great and have many options to choose from. I was actually impressed when I searched for sites that offered them to only find that a lot of them would charge you a membership fee or charge you after using their site for so long. Well, I am like most people and like to get free things whenever possible. I kept searching and found these sites that offer a great selection on free printable birthday cards that you will enjoy.

These sites have different themes for mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and kids. Some of them even have Disney characters on them and offer up a bit of humor for you to pass on. I hope that you enjoy them.


This site is a wonderful place to go for free printable birthday cards and they even have free printable birthday cards with themes that will go great with the birthday party invitations that they have. This site also lets you print off things like banners and coloring pages. This site has a lot of Disney and cartoon characters images that will go great for children birthday parties.

Blue Mountain

This site not only offers free printable birthday cards, but it also offers other holiday and spiritual cards. On this site, you are able to create your own card and print it off or you can simply send that special someone an e-card.

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This site has many free printable birthday cards to choose from and they offer a variety of other printable cards and e-cards. I like this site and you probably will too.

Creative Park

Creative Park has 49 cards to choose from and more are being added frequently. This site is great for getting free printable birthday cards, occasion cards, and holiday cards to print off for free.

Ivy’s Greeting Cards

This site is easy to use to get free printable birthday cards. It allows you to pick the picture that goes on the front, the color of the text, the message on the inside, what the back will look like, and a personal message from you to them. I really enjoyed this site.

Mint Printables

This site has a small but very cute free printable birthday cards for you to use. There is never any charge to print these out. These cards are great for anyone wanting to send adorable birthday cards.

Print Free

This is an amazing site to get free printable birthday cards and it even lets you choose them by the season of the birthday. They have many to choose from and even offer free printable cards for other holidays and occasions. I adore this site and think that you will too. Their selection is very large and you will have many to choose from for every occasion.