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Four Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Straight or Wavy Hair

I’ve spent a lot of my time just looking in the mirror, experimenting with hair and makeup, trying to find the quickest ways to a cute look without much maintenence. I’ve found four great hairstyles and endless make-up tips (but that’s for another article!) to help you look great in less time. So if you’re a girl who’s always on the go and usually needs a quick fix hairstyle once you get out of the shower (no time for blow-drying!) these tips are for you!

The “Scrunch”
This is by far my favorite quick and easy hair-do of them all. It takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to do and lasts all day long.

1. After showering, do not rub a towel through your hair (this causes frizzies!). Instead, pat dry your hair from the root to the ends.

2. While your hair is still slightly damp, use a wide tooth comb to get all of the tangles out and then pour a small amount of anti-frizz serum onto your hands and rub them together (for actual amounts, read below). Slide your hands down your hair and then comb again, this time using a narrow tooth comb.

For short hair, use a pea sized drop of anti-frizz serum.
For medium length hair, use about two pea sized drops.
For long hair, use a dime sized drop.

3. Flip your head and your hair upside down and put a golf ball sized amount of mousse in your hands (I like Herbal Essences “Totally Twisted” mousse), rub them together, and then scruch your hair. Flip your head over and do the same.

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TIP: For an extra “twist”, use your fingers to “curl” a few pieces of your hair around your face.

The “Up-Do”
This one is great for a trip to the gym or for school. It’s very cute and nobody will be able to tell that you didn’t have time to shower that day.

1. Using a round, hard bristled brush with padding, brush your hair up into a sleek ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. If you have bangs, let them hang.

2. Grab your ponytail and twist it. Pull it up to the back of your head and take a hair clip (the ones that have “teeth” on them) and secure it. You should be able to see your ends hanging down (like a shorter ponytail) when you look in the mirror.

TIP: If you want a more “volumized” short ponytail, add a few curls to your ends that hang over the hair clip.

The “Braid”
Ah, my signature look on lazy days. This look can be done whether you’ve just gotten out of the shower or even if you haven’t had time for one.

1. Brush all of your hair over one of your shoulders and then begin braiding it from the nape of your neck all the way to the ends.

2. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Add a thin ribbon to the top of your braid and tie it in a small bow.

TIP: Rub some anti-frizz serum on the top of your head and down your braid for an extra sleek look!

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The “Low Bun”
Going to do yoga or spending a night in with the girls? Try this classy look!

1. Brush all of your hair into a low pony at the nape of your neck. Pull your hair HALFWAY through an elastic band and then secure it.

2. Using two chopsticks (or even pencils), slide them in behind your elastic band in an “X” like design. Wah-lah!

You see, looking cute in less time doesn’t take much effort at all. Once you’ve got your hair up and ready to go, head out that door with a radiating smile on your face and strut your stuff like there’s no tomorrow. You got it going on!