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Felt Trick or Treat Bag Craft Project (No Sew)

You can make this felt trick or treat bag for Halloween without a sewing machine! Kids will love making their own trick or treat bag this year!

I personally love this sweet felt trick or treat craft project because you can control the size of the Halloween bag. This is a great way to control the amount of candy your kids collect on Halloween!

To Make These No Sew Felt Halloween Trick or Treat Bags You Will Need:

Felt 1 yard

Felt squares

Scissors or pinking sheers

Fabric glue

Googly eyes


Upholstery needle (plastic is fine)


To get started you need to cut out the main shape for your Halloween DIY trick or treat bag.

Cut out a rectangle that is 14 inches wide and 36 inches tall.

Now, fold the sheet of felt over in half to make a rectangle that is 14 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

Fold the top edge over one inch and use the fabric glue on the edge to glue it down. This will create a channel or tunnel to run ribbon through. Repeat this on the other side.

Now, run a bead of story fabric glue up each side. Press the two sides together to cerate the sack.

Do not glue the ends of the tunnels down. Leave them open for later.

The kids can thread their plastic or metal upholstery needle with some brightly colored yarn.

Once the glue dries have the kid sew a stitch up the side to add some interest. This can also be painted on with puff paint or glue.

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At this pint the kids can start decorating their felt trick or treat bag. They can cut fun shapes out of felt and other fabrics and glue them on.

They cal also use that yarn and keep stitching on fun designs.

Once any designed have been glued onto the felt trick or treat bag you need to add a long ribbon in the two tunnels you created.

I like to use a nice thick gross grain ribbon for this.

Cut out a length of ribbon that is about 2 feet long. Pin a safety pin to the end.

Use the safety pin to help push the ribbon through the two tunnels.

You can tale the two ends of the ribbon and tie them into a knot to create a strap on the DIY trick or treat bag.

Tip: If you can use a sewing machine these really are simple straight lines to make this simple drawstring trick or treat bag. Kids can sew these with a little instruction.

You may also need ot insert a piece of cardboard in the middle of the bag if you are worried about the fabric paint from leaking onto the other side.