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Favorite Dumb Criminal Videos

Here are my favorite dumbest criminal videos. These people make me wonder, ” What were they thinking?” Enjoy.

(1) This man is a real winner! To begin with, he can’t even get over the wall. When he does get over the wall, he falls through the roof. This is his second fall so far. He gets a few things, not even minding the video camera that is capturing his face. So now that he is done, how is he going to get out? He tries a ladder, falls two more times on his back and onto glass liquor bottles. He tries to break the door, and you can see it is broad daylight and people walking by. When all those didn’t work, he sits and waits as the cops come in and capture him. I suppose this guy planned his entrance, but not his exit.

(2) This is a 25-second clip of stupid burglars. It gives sort of staged vibe, but I think to myself- I bet it has actually happened. A guy throws a rock at the store window to break it – however, it doesn’t break; instead, it bounces off and hits his partner in the head. He throws another rock, this time it bounces off and hits him in the head. Both men fall to the ground unconscious. The two remain there in pain until the cops pick them up. My question is, when the first rock knocked his friend out, why didn’t he stop to see if he was ok? Some friend!

(3) This guy should have either read or done a better job of investigating before he attempted robbing the bank. Didn’t he know the bank had shields that would go up, and he didn’t even try to PULL the door open? Many of these criminals don’t even seem to care or express concern for cameras that are capturing their faces! This London robber is one of my funnier stupid criminals! I also wonder what grandma was thinking? J

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(4)This criminal is not only an idiot, but cheap as well! He robs a doughnut shop, orders food, and leaves. A cop comes by to interrogate the cashier, and low and behold, the robber re-enters the shop. The cop immediately arrested him, and when asked why he returned, the robber said “because they give free refills.”

(5) OUCH! This is my favorite dumb criminal video. If you get queasy easily, maybe you shouldn’t watch this one. The suspect runs from cops. He runs through an open field. The cop catches up to him, and as the cop applies pressure to the brakes, he slides. Unfortunately, the cop truck slides into the criminal. In the video you can see the criminal being ran over twice at a moderate speed. I don’t know how this man lived, but some can argue he probably got what he deserved. Also, the cop was investigated because of this somewhat-cruel capture. It made me cringe the first few times I watched it, but now, it is just funny. Why would you run from the cops, first of all? Second, why would you try to escape through an open field?

The world is full of dumb criminals. It isn’t bad enough that they get arrested, but they also get to appear on TV as some of the nation’s stupidest criminals! Thanks, bad guys, for the wonderful entertainment!