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Fabulous Ideas for a Fun Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night, Service Project

Ladies Night Out events are a terrific way to promote friendship and bonding. It is an excellent activity to get to know each other more, relieve stress, and just take a break from everyday life. If you are organizing a Ladies Night Out activity, here are some fantastic ideas to consider.

Create Frozen Meals Together / Take a Cooking Class

This one’s a little pricey, but it’s something most women need and will enjoy doing. Nearly all cities and larger towns offer a make-a-meal spot, where groups can get together to create several frozen meals for their families. Everyone will appreciate having the food for a later date (and not really having to cook), and they might learn a new culinary skill or two. There are several different franchises around the nation – you might try these websites: www.dinnersready.com, www.supersuppers.com, www.makeandtakegourmet.com, and www.dinnerafare.com.

Take a Laughter Yoga Class Together

If you want an activity where everyone will say “Wow, I’ve never done that before!” this may be your pick. Laughter Yoga has many therapeutic benefits and is a great way for a group to bond together. You might be able to find a laughter yoga facilitator who can offer a class for a relatively low price. Search on www.laughteryoga.org to find a professional in your area.

Paint Pottery Together

Another wonderful idea is to meet at a paint-your-own pottery studio. Everyone will have a blast decorating a plate, bowl, mug, ornament or other piece of pottery. You do not have to be an artist or have any special talents for this activity. It’s an amusing way for everyone to express their creativity. Plus, your friends will enjoy having a nice item to save as a memento or give as a gift. It can be very therapeutic as well. To find a studio in your area, google your town/city’s name and “paint your own pottery”. Or, you might try searching on this web-site: www.paintyourownpottery.net. This outing should be fun for all.

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Enjoy a Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is more of an activity for the younger crowd, though all ages might enjoy it. It’s a great creative game for a sorority or college-aged group of women. Basically, you divide into teams and take pictures in various locations. It will definitely be a memorable event. For ideas on planning this unique activity, read “How to Plan a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Meet At a Coffee Shop

One fun and inexpensive activity is to meet at a coffee shop. This is perfect for smaller groups. Everyone will enjoy chit-chatting over a latte, Italian soda, or hot chocolate. You might try to reserve a table, if possible, as sometimes coffee shops can get crowded. Some coffee shops have private rooms available.

Make Jewelry Together

This is another terrific activity that will let you and your friends express creativity. You might be able to find a jewelry class to go to, or even have someone come to a location (such as your home) to teach a class. Or, you could buy bracelet or necklace jewelry kits (search online) for everyone to do. If you visit a craft store, they might have some ideas for you.

Take a Cake Decorating Class

A cake decorating class will not only be fun, it will help you learn new skills that you might put to good use someday. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby often have the classes available, call your nearest store for more information. You might also find one through a community center. Or, if you know a cake decorator, ask her if she’d be interested in teaching a class for a small fee.

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Do A Service Project

A service project is a fantastic activity for Ladies Night Out. There are many social service agencies that would be thrilled to have your group help them out. It could be something as simple as sorting clothes at a donation center, or stuffing envelopes for a newsletter. You might try calling a local shelter for abused women to see if they need help. Or call you local United Way and see what suggestions they might have. Another idea is to fill care packages together for soldiers overseas. This might be kind of expensive, but the soldiers would really appreciate it. Almost everyone knows a soldier serving in Iraq or elsewhere – just gather a list of names and have everyone bring items for the packages and then ship them off.

Attend a Play / Opera Together

Another fun idea is to see a play or other performance together. It could be a community theater play, traveling Broadway show, or even a school play. Most husbands don’t care much for theater, and it will be something a little different and entertaining. You might combine it with a trip to a coffee shop or nice restaurant.

Host a Cookie Exchange Party

This is more of a “Ladies Night In. It’s not the healthiest choice, but, hey, it’s fun! It is a perfect activity to plan around the holidays. Have everyone bring a couple dozen of their favorite homemade Christmas cookies to exchange with their friends. Read, “How to Plan a Successful Holiday Cookie Exchange” for tips and suggestions.

Happy Socializing! Enjoy!