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Eye Glasses Fashion Tips

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A pair of large-framed eye glasses may be fashionable but they just might make you look like Ugly Betty. Hopefully minus that huge toothy smile and big hair. On the other hand, smallish, rectangular frames are also in vogue. Will you’re almond-shaped eyes go with the latest undersized rims? What shape of eye frames will complement your face and make you look more attractive? Brandon Routh in Superman Returns looked simply irresistible as the bespectacled Clark Kent, but then he is a God already and will look delicious whatever he wears. For the rest of us mere mortals, we want to know: What’s the secret? What will make the beautiful look more alluring and the, well, more ordinary and or common-looking, charming and sexy? Aside from self-confidence, walking with shoulders back and your tummy tucked in—here are some things to keep in mind when you shop for your eye frames.


Ugly Betty’s already bigface was aggravated by huge glasses. Of course the intention was to make her homely, however if they were to give her a makeover—more petite, angular lenses would suit her. The same way that rounded frames would complement a strong, sharp jaw line, or a triangular face. So simply: choose angles if your face is round, oval, oblong (or is hardly angular), and choose rounded frames if your face is angular (squarish, triangular etc.)

CHOOSING THE COLOR OF YOUR RIMS. Your skin tone and hair color will determine what color of eye frames you should buy. If you are fair-skinned, purchase dark-colored frames. If your skin is black, tan or medium-toned a pair of gold or light-colored rims will be more appropriate to you.

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THE SHAPE OF YOUR EYES. Remember what I said about almond-shaped eyes? Well a small rim will make small eyes look even smaller. While if you have big eyes a big frame will only make them look larger. And not everyone wants that coke-bottle magnified eyes effect.

BREAK THE RULES. Because there’s a fashion explosion and we seem to be in a Renaissance period we have such a variety of eye frame shapes these days. So there just might just be a pair of unique eye glasses out there that are meant for your face but don’t necessarily follow our rule of opposites. So be prepared to wing it. Maybe this is destiny calling. So, so what if your face is angular? Routh has a very distinct, angular jaw and I can imagine him in rectangular lenses without him losing an ounce of his animal magnetism.

So that’s it. Remember that whatever is fashionable may not necessarily be your best bet. Large aviator sunglasses, sleek looking squarish frames, huge round frames what have you. When you go shopping for those lenses remember to be yourself and trust your own and your best friend’s judgment when it comes to what looks good on you. That’s all and here’s to you getting eye-framed!