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Eczema in Dogs

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Like humans, dogs can have cases of eczema, and these reactions are normally caused by an allergic reaction to something in their environment. The dry skin can be irritating to the dog, and can lead to hair loss. Fleas are a common cause of eczema in dogs, and the problem should be taken care of before an infection can set in.

Not every case of dry skin is eczema. Your dog might also have mange, and should be checked by your veterinarian before you begin any treatment, to decide exactly what is going on. If your dog has mange, there will be mites present in the skin and hair.

Because fleas are a common trigger for eczema in dogs, the problem of the fleas must be rectified first. You should probably consult with your veterinarian about the problem, and they will give you a product to get rid of the fleas. You will also have to check your home, and all of your dog’s favorite spots for fleas, and get rid of any you find. If you have more than one dog, the others will need to be treated as well.

Once the fleas are gone, you can treat eczema in dogs by alleviating the symptoms for your dog. He or she may be constantly itching the area, which can leave the skin red, irritated, and if it gets bad, infected. If the skin is broken, you should have your veterinarian check your dog for infection.

There are some remedies you can use to alleviate eczema in dogs, particularly the itching, and help the skin to heal. Your veterinarian may give you any number of creams to help stop any infection, and to help rid your dog of his or her dry, scaly patches. There are also steroid shots that can be used to help with the problem of eczema in dogs.

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Using a medicated powder or moisturizing oil that is safe for dogs will help with some of the problem. The problem with these is that you don’t know what is safe and what might harm your dog. Again, you should talk with your veterinarian for advice. Tell them you want to stay away from medications, if that is your wish, and you are looking for something that can help control symptoms of eczema in dogs.

One natural remedy for soothing irritated skin on dogs is rubbing aloe very gently into the area. This plant has been used for centuries to help with human skin irritation, and will do the same for eczema in dogs. Because dogs are so different from humans, I hesitate to suggest anything other than aloe. If you find something you would like to try, please make a quick call to your veterinarian’s office to make sure what you are planning to use will not harm your pet.

For ongoing health, you can use vitamins and quality dog food to ensure a healthy skin and fur for your dog. You should also make sure you are using a very gentle shampoo when bathing your dog. Your veterinarian will have suggestions for you. Bathe your dog less often in the winter, and remember to keep them well brushed. These may help stop eczema in dogs before it begins.