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DIY Cowboy Chic Horseshoe Lamp


This unique horseshoe lamp looks fantastic in any “Cowboy Chic” living space, and is very simple and very inexpensive to create! With paint drying time, this project should take just under an afternoon to complete.

For this project, you will need:

– Unfinished Wooden box, at least 6″ high x 6″ wide

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Tack cloth

Drill with 3/4″ bit

– Krylon® Interior Exterior Paint, in Equestrian

– Krylon® Make It Suede Paint, in Brushed Sienna

– Gorrilla Glue ®, or any other adhesive to secure leather and metal to wood

– 2″ iron horseshoes (like those found here at Texican Treasures)

– Newspaper

– Lamp kit

– Hacksaw

– Wire stripper

To begin, lightly sand your wooden box with medium grit sandpaper. Wipe off any excess dust with a tack cloth. Using a drill with a 3/4″ bit, drill a hole through the top of the box and through the bottom. Using Krylon® Interior Exterior Paint in Equestrian, coat the outside of the box thoroughly with two coats and allow it to dry completely. Coat the horseshoes with two coats of Krylon® Make It Suede Paint in Brushed Sienna and allow them to dry. Using glue, adhere the horseshoes to the box.

Thread the cord through both holes in the box.

Your lamp kit should include a lamp rod. Measure the rod and cut it with a hacksaw so that it is 1″ above the height of the box. Thread the cord from the inside of the box through the rod. Set the rod in the center of the box, and run through both holes so it sits flat.

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Thread the locknut onto the lamp rod, and pull the cord through at least three inches. Screw the lamp neck onto the rod. Repeat with the harp bottom and socket cap, making sure all are tight.

Pull the cord apart two inches. Using a knife or wire stripper, remove 1/2″ of insulation from the wire. Do not cut the wire itself. Hold the wire so that the pieces are in a “y” position. Following the shape of the “y”, make a loop of each end of the wire, holding the end of one loop in front of the joined cord and the end of the other loop at the back of the joined cord. Slip each end through the loop formed by the opposing wire and tighten the knot. Pull on the plug end of the lamp cord at the base of the lamp so that the knot fits against the socket cap.

Using the directions that came with your lamp kit, find the neutral and hot wires. Connect the neutral wire to the silver screw on the socket. Connect the hot wire to the gold screw. Make sure both are tight.

Place the socket shell over the lamp socket. Pull the plug cord out from the box base until the cord is pulled back into the lamp, and stays in place. Make sure the shell is locked in place. Raise the sleeves on the harp and gently squeeze while inserting into the harp bottom. Lower the harp sleeves to secure.

Add a matching tan shade to complete the look.

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