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Digital Cameras: Choosing the Best Compact and Sub-Compact Models

Kodak Easy Share, Stylus

If you are in search for a simple and easy-to-use digital camera, your best option are the compact and sub-compact models. These digital cameras are lightweight and sometimes small enough to fit in your pocket. Compared to some of the bigger and more professional digital cameras, the compact and sub-compact models are generally inexpensive, ranging from $150 to $350.

Here are some compact and sub-compact models for you to consider:

Compact and Sub-Compact Digital Cameras

Canon Powershot A620
When I went shopping for a brand new digital camera, I was impressed with the Canon Powershot A620. This camera isn’t as light as I hoped for (12oz) but it can still fit in your pocket or even a small bag. All of the Canon Powershot digital cameras are very easy to use and has excellent print quality. The Powershot A620 has about 7 mega pixels, making it very to enlarge images into larger prints. The optical zoom is very good, allowing you to zoom in and out 4 times. This digital camera has a very long battery life. The required AA batteries will last for about 520 shots. Overall, I think that the Canon Powershot A620 may be the best compact digital camera as of right now. The price of the A620 ranges from $299 – $350. The A620 model is a great choice, but I believe that you just can’t go wrong with any of the Canon Powershot cameras.

Olympus Stylus 800
My first Olympus camera had only 3 mega pixals, but took very sharp pictures and great enlarged photos. The Stylus 800 model has an amazing 8 mega pixels with amazing print quality. This camera is the type of size that I was looking for, weighing only about 7 ounces and easily fitting inside of your pocket. The Olympus Stylus 800 is expensive compared to most compact and sub-compact models ($250.00 – $330.00) but definitely worth every penny.

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Kodak Easy Share Z700
Out of all the digital cameras that I tested, this model seemed to be the easiest to maneuver. The Easy Share may be my top choice because of its simplicity and price ($250). There are not as many mega pixels (4) compared to the Olympus Stylus 800 and the Canon Powershot A620, but this camera proves to have very good print quality. I recommend the Easy Share cameras for anyone new to digital cameras.

Sony Cyber-Shot Models
All of the Sony Cyber-Shot models are very easy to use with pretty good print quality, but nothing spectacular. For enlarging photos, you will find it very easy with the Cyber-Shot models. The mega pixels range from 5-7 on most of the compact and sub-compact digital cameras. What fears me about these models, they are so small and so lightweight that they can get lost within your bag, purse, or pocket. The flash range is pretty decent but not too effective captivating images too far away.