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Denver’s Stapleton’s Central Park is Open

Bouldering, Central Park, Water Features

Situated on 80 acres, Stapleton’s Central Park in Denver has been in the planning and design stage for nearly 10 years. Hundreds of residents of the Stapleton area provided input about what they wanted and needed in a park. The park responded in ways more fantastic than anyone could have imagined.

Stapleton’s Central Park is easy to get to. It’s just east of Quebec on Martin Luther King Blvd., in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver. It’s destined to quickly become one of the most popular parks in the Denver area.

You’ll find benches to sit on, climbing equipment, multi-use playfields, picnic pavilions, shade, trails, and water features. Here’s an overview of many of the features found at Stapleton’s Central Park:

Bouldering wall
If you love rock climbing, or want to introduce your kids to the sport, you won’t be disappointed at Stapleton’s Central Park. At 30 feet long, and reaching heights between eight to 12 feet, this wall looks more like real boulders than most climbing walls.

Since it’s for the public’s use, it doesn’t have moveable hand and foot grips, instead these were built into the design.

If you’re a novice climber or are worried about children falling, the designers planned for this, too. There are wood chips at the bottom of the boulders to cushion any falls that may occur.

The Promenade and walking trails
Providing an ideal place to walk, the trails at Stapleton’s Central Park that are 3,500 feet long. While you’re relaxing and walking on the path, you’ll also have spectacular views of both Downtown Denver and Mount Evans. The view is so wonderful that you should expect to see a myriad of postcard photos taken from different locations along this path.

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The fountain and pond
One of the features that were requested by nearly everyone was some type of water feature. Designers successfully integrated two beautiful water features. One is an interactive fountain that recirculates water to the pond that looks bigger than it’s one-acre size.

Sledding hills
Finding a suitable place to sled in the middle of the Denver has been challenging. Stapleton’s Central Park designed hills for people who love to sled, too!

Following a series of “waves” in the topography, you’ll find a wonderful 35′ tall hill that was designed to sled down when covered with snow. This feature is in the northwest corner of Stapleton’s park.

An urban forest
You’ll find plenty of trees and benches, so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of being in a forest, right in the middle of the city.

If you live in the northwest area of Denver, Stapleton’s Central Park will quickly become one of your family’s favorite parks.