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Cubicle Decorating Ideas

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If you have a job, chances are that you probably work in a cubicle. Cubicles are practical, they are a great way for people to get some privacy while working in a large open space – but they aren’t very attractive. So what can you do to decorate your cubicle to make it more attractive while still keeping in sync with a professional atmosphere? There are quite a number of things that you can do.

Plants – A great way to decorate your cubicle is to add some plants. You can find plants at most large grocery stores or at a plant store. Select plants that will do well in low light (which an indoor location has). If your location in the office is near a window then you could select plants that do well with more sunlight. Plants are an excellent choice because they help clean the air. One of the plants that is known to clean the air very well is the peace lily. This is a terrific indoor plant.

When selecting a plant remember to choose plants that will fit comfortably into your office decor. Don’t select a plant so large it blocks your view of people, or makes it hard for people to pass paperwork to you. Remember that plants will always grow with time, so selecting a smaller plant could be the wisest choice.

Photos – It can be nice to add some photos to your workspace. Photos of your family, friends, pets or even time spent on your favorite vacation spots. Get reprints of your favorite photos and put them in frames for the office and put them on your desk.

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Calendar – Most offices provide a desk calendar but it can be nice to put up a personalized calendar in your cubicle. You can select a calendar that suits your personality. If you like antique cars or dolls, then you can find a calendar with these items on the calendar. You never know, you may meet some new friends at work because of your calendar when you discover others who also like antique cars or dolls.

Quotes – A nice idea for your cubicle walls is to print out some of your favorite quotes and put them up in your cubicle. You will feel inspired each time you look at them. You could also consider putting up a favorite poem or saying up on your cubicle walls.

Fabric – Another idea is to cover one or some of the walls in your cubicle with fabric. Hold it in place with thumbtacks. Measure your cubicle first and then cut the fabric at home. Even just covering one of your cubicle walls with fabric will give it an artistic look. There are so many different types of fabric out there; this can give your cubicle a very unique look. Another idea is to use gift wrapping paper.

Candy Dish – Why not share something sweet with your co-workers? Putting a candy dish at your cubicle will give visitors a sweet treat when they come by to visit you.