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Create Your Own Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Announce the birth of your baby with a creative, handmade announcement that will be just as adorable as your little one. This handmade announcement is a great idea, versus purchasing mass produced announcements that will be out for other babies born around the same time. The best thing about this announcement is that part of it can be started before your baby is born.

Items Needed

Small Paper Punch in Baby Themed Design
Ribbon Measuring ¼ inch in a Complementary Color
Letter Sized Card Stock in two shades of Pink or Blue
Computer with Word Processing Program
Double Sided Tape or Photo Stickers

Printed Announcement Portion

Create a blank document using a word processing program on your computer. Create a table by going to the “table” option on the menu bar located at the top of Microsoft Works and Word. Then select “create table” and a new menu option will come up. Create a basic table, consisting of one column and two rows.

Using the ruler that is located at the top of your document, measure two inches from the left hand side of the paper in each row. You will want to leave this area blank so you can paste the photo of your baby here. Go to the “format” option on the menu bar and select “paragraph.” A box will come up with different options and you will want to select “right” in the justified section of the menu. Start typing all of your baby’s information, including name, date of birth, weight, length and the proud parents names on separate lines. You will want to hit the “enter” key twice before starting to type the information and twice after you are done. This will leave enough space at the top and bottom of the announcement

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Print out on the lighter color of pink or blue card stock paper. Once printed out cut out each section of the table just inside of the lines from the table so they will not appear on the final product.

Put It Together

Cut the darker colored of Pink or Blue card stock in half when looking at it vertically. You will then cut the lighter colored card stock paper, with the printed information on it, to be approximately ½ inch smaller than the darker paper on all four sides.

Use double sided tape or photo stickers on the back of the smaller, lighter colored sheet of paper. Attach to the center of the darker colored paper.

Punch designs on each side of the four corners, so there are two punches for each corner. There should be a total of eight punches. If desired, you can attach the actual punches to the announcement using double sided tape or photo stickers.

Run ribbon through all of the designed punched holes. For example lay the ribbon across the top from one corner to the other. Run ribbon through the holes on the top of the invite and pull back up through the top of the holes on the side. Repeat until ribbon is run through all of the holes. Once you have passed the ribbon through all of the holes you will want to attach it to the back of the announcement with double sided tape or photo stickers. Cut off any extra ribbon.

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Attach your baby’s photo to the blank side of the printed portion of the announcement. The best size photo to use is a wallet taken vertically. You may have to trim the edges down just a bit to ensure it will fit.

Mail out your handmade creation to everyone you wish to announce your baby’s birth to. Do not forget to keep one for your baby’s memory box or album.